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Facebook Cover Images


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Just a few pictures I've posted as my Facebook covers over the last few days.


They're kind of large so I won't embed them, I'll just link to them:








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Well Tucson, AZ, USA has been plastered by your flier, Brandon, and I plan to put some more up tomorrow! :) I took two pictures of some that I posted on the University of Arizona campus, and I'll post those pictures in a new thread, but probably tomorrow. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any pictures of the aftermath of my street-level warfare, as I was having to covertly post them to poles and walls and such while walking past storefronts that seemed like good targets for old Space Quest fans. Hopefully they're still up; luckily Tucson has a problem with cleaning up pole postings. :)


I'll repost the link to Brandon's flier here:




We have a weekend coming up, a perfect opportunity to post these on physical bulletin boards across the world, to get some non-online exposure while people are out and about.

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