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Space Quest 5- NRS upgraded sound drivers


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Hey folks,


Cool new fix from NewRisingSun, the man behind the timer fixes.


From the man himself:

This patch for SQ5 allows for using all sixteen MIDI channels on General MIDI, so that the Glockenspiel and the Reverse Cymbal no longer get cut off by the Alert sound during the flight simulator sequence in the introduction. And drum map changes are now sent to the output device. New compared to the version I sent out privately is automatic remapping of illegal drum map numbers to the ones recognized by GS level 1, which is required to get them to sound right on later Sound Canvases. 4.PAT adds a voice reserve sysex to better make use of the sixteen MIDI channels, and ADL.DRV is the stereo FM driver.


In plain English, you get stereo sound instead of mono for Adlib/Sound Blaster, and if you have General MIDI you get upgraded sound by way of less note dropouts and that one intro sound effect, and if you have a General MIDI Roland device, you get GS drumkits too, like 'Orchestra' and 'Jazz'!


Get it while it's hot at:


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Actually, because I had access to the source Roland Sound Canvas MIDI files when creating my SQ5 soundtrack, you can hear bits and pieces of this, including the full intro music, and the drumkits mentioned, in my soundtrack, here:



Some examples: "Space Bar" uses the GS drumkit "Jazz"

Closing, Final Countdown, Goliath Attacks, Intercepting Transmssion, parts of the Intro, WD-40 on KU and WD-40 The Bust all use the Orchestral drumkit. Of course, in my soundtrack quite often I've mixed them alongside a MT-32 drumkit or something else, but you can compare to the original in-game recording that's on SpaceQuest.Net and hear the difference. it does have a great Orchestral feel.

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