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SpaceVenture Haiku, Limericks, Ballads, and other poetry


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Hmm.. had to post this one too:



In a dark oppressive place

Two Guys were slaving,

Trying to appease the fans they'd rustled up.


Would they bow to the pressure?

And get their fifth instalment done?

We wait patiently, with death sequence in hand.

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An acrostic view of SpaceVenture:


Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe

produced one of the greatest game series of

all time. The Two Guys from Andromeda wanted to

create a funny science fiction game that

everyone could enjoy. They

Ventured forth and brought all of us gamers hours of

enjoyment with the tales of Roger Wilco who was on a

neverending quest for

truth, justice and clean floors. The original series "Space Quest"

unfortunately came to an end when Sierra decided

reorganization was the way to go, and it ultimately put an

end to the working relationship of the Two Guys.


However, there is a happy ending. The Two Guys reunited after years of estrangement to put together a plan to create a new game series based on a plumber in space called... hmmmm... What was that title again?

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Nockgeneer gets editing credits on this one... he must be one of those geeks who excelled in English class in addition to math


A SpaceVenture Sonnet


Who calls the hotline, panic level high?

a flooded client, seeking plumber Ace.

The mighty Ace then rockets through the sky

while robot Rooter guards their secret base.


The water level threatens ever more,

the lobby will be underwater soon!

Our hero Ace pounds firmly on the door

and whistles cheerful notes not quite in tune.


The door bursts open, water pouring out!

Concierge and doorman, elegant but wet

describe disaster, how it came about

but Ace calls halt -- no time for stories yet.


An expert observation shows the source:

an island dome descent with too much force!



[1] My editor was skeptical that the line with 'concierge' had the proper meter, but that turned out to be the ambiguity of alternative pronunciations of the word. For best effect, use the less anglicized version when reading this poem, "kawn-syerzh"


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My attempt at a SpaceVenture sonnet — Shakespear style:


Thine mind might dream of flight and fancy's fronds

Whilst impotent thee face reality.

A welcome sight now from two without bonds:

The fruitage of their minds proclivity.


An impasse faced these two with reddened locks;

With writ their snorts were silenced, slightingly.

With fight and courage mustered up, those blocks

Were blasted from the rooftops, smilingly.


True patrons pledging payment in advance

Would stem all tides of thought t'wards loss contrite.

A stage of grand import and tasked finance,

shall from reality provide respite.


A man named Ace with Rooter by his side

Shalt ne'er us fail lest we his skills deride.

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Here is an odd one, and I blame Nockgeneer for it; he literally asked for it.

Actually it's probably 3 separate little poems, since they really have nothing in common except being rhyming 1337-speak.


B01D 7a11 7a1e 7e11

Dead 1095 fe17 7a11

C01d c01d 9a1e fe11

Dead 1eaf fade fa11


Doe5 1ead f0a1 1a57

Sa9e ca75 90ad d095

90a7 9e7s 1057 fa57

70ad b0a5 5109 b095


900d deed bea7 c057

1e57 be57 90a1 1057


** 'Does' meaning Deer, as opposed to the verb form

*** No I don't know what the f0a1 was doing with the Does, foster mothers? Or maybe mama horse was also towards the back, just not mentioned.

**** No it has nothing to do with SpaceVenture, other than coming from the SpaceVenture comment thread; luckily Nockgeneer didn't make that part of the challenge. I will be in awe of anybody who manages to do a hex poem that is actually on-topic.

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Here is an acrostic/limerick/poem for the heroes working to hit 30k comments on the KS project:


There once was a group of fans who

had produced all of the comments

in the lands.

regardless of hunger or fatigue

they came to the project in need and

yielded comments indeed.


Thanks to these few

heroes, the comments will not be zeroes.

our commenting friends will not let

us down. They will yack until

some of us frown. They

are the ones that are

never going to stop. Until the SV backers are

deemed to be at the top!


Ceeding to no-one these

overachievers will prevail.

many will hear of their tale.

mere mortals will

express their wonder at how these

nerds could plunder

the record of comments and

set it asunder!

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