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SVReward site access for Paypal backers


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I just purchased SpaceVenture at the $100 physical tier from the 'Guys from Andromeda' website using the paypal option and I was wondering... How do I gain access to the SVRewards site which is listed as a tier reward for that level? Since I wasn't involved during the kickstarter I didn't receive any type of registration e-mail at the campaigns closing.


Hoping someone in the know can point me in the right direction here as I am so excited to be a part of the adventure game renaissance in general and specifically the SpaceVenture project!



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Hi pcj,


So when someone backs the project through the paypal option as I did, are you guys provided with all the info you need to deliver reward content straight from Paypal? For example the customers e-mail address for delivery of digital conent and the shipping address for delivery of physical content? If so, I can relax. If not, I was wondering if there were any extra steps I needed to take to ensure I was fully set up.


Also, thanks for letting me know that it is not an automated system. I have backed other projects through Kickstarter which has allowed a good centralized source of information for each project through updates and being able to communicate with the project staff to ask questions or provide info. Somehow, the SpaceVenture KS slipped by without me seeing it, but once I found I could still join up via Paypal, there was no stopping me! (Huge Sierra games fan!) So, this is the first project I have "backed" via Paypal after the campaign has closed and I am not quite sure how it all should flow.


Thanks for any help and info. I am truly excited to be joining the Space Quest/Space Venture community and the amazing fans it is known for!

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Hi, I signed up to support Space Venture via paypal on your webpage. I have received confirmation from paypal but nothing from you guys. Is there a special backer site that I should have access to for all the production updates and videos etc? I have created a forum account but can only see the standard forum with no locked backer only areas visible. Can you help out this late comer to your campaign find his way to The Space Port?

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The backer-only area is at a different URL : http://svrewards.com


PCJ is the one to make sure your account gets set up there. Sometimes the email informing a backer that they have the account has gotten lost, but then the 'recover password' link on the login screen can work using the same email address you gave in your backer info.

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I don’t know if anybody can help me with this, but I got an email stating that the stretch goal donations were going to end soon, so I decided to upgrade my donation before it was too late. However, I didn’t get any kind of email or notification about my upgrade. The only thing I got was an email from PayPal saying that my payment to Chris Pope was successful.


Is there supposed to be some kind of notification? The reason I ask is because I worry that my email spam filters might have blocked it. Also, I upgraded to the $100 level, but there was no prompt for a shipping address.

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Your e-mail address.


Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I sent you an email. If you didn't get it, please let me know.


I asked about this in the email, but I wanted to repost it here in case someone else had this problem. Do you also have the shipping address for when the physical copies ship out, or do we submit that info later?

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