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A great reading voice

Troels Pleimert

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For an upcoming podcast episode, I wanted to highlight some of the fan fiction that has come out of the Space Quest community.


For that, I really wanted someone with a cool, deep, emotive, professional sounding voice to read some passages from some of the stories and novels that have been created over the years. Pretty much someone with a voice completely antithetical to my own. ;)


Applicants are welcome. Please submit a short sample of your voice reading, well, whatever you feel like. Just so I can get an impression of how you sound. You would also need to have some halfway decent recording equipment, just so there isn't too much distracting background noise and so we can hear your inflections clearly.


Any takers?

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You cheeky devil you. :P


Actually, you made me consider something I had neglected to think of ... you know, me being a rampant chauvinist and all. A female reading voice would be just as effective!


So, uh, scratch the "deep" part. A fittingly emotive, cool and professional sounding voice. That's the ticket!

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I just listened to the podcast in the latest SpaceVenture update. When were those recorded? Are there recordings of the complete stories? They were great!


As for the question of male or female reading voice, I listen to a lot of audio books, and I definitely prefer male readers, in general. Female voices can be fine, as long as they use a lower register. Deeper, more rounded voices are more soothing and sound more authoritative.

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Thanks, man! Joe recorded those specially for the podcast and he only recorded the chapters that Dan and I selected. What you hear is all there is. :) I would LOVE to hear Joe run through the novels in their entirety, but he did it in his free time and for free, so I wouldn't presume that he'd want to give up his evenings for it. ;)

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