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Skype anyone!!!


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Username is fatherdeagle.


It probably goes without saying, but if you do decide to add me on Skype, please put a note in the invite message that you're from Space Quest.net or something similar so I know who you are. The generic invite message on Skype isn't the greatest, and since I haven't been a regular visitor to these forums in some time, I'm likely not going to recognize just a username.


I suppose if enough people are interested it could turn into a group Skype chat. That'd be kind of neat. :)

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I would gladly Skype someone about Space Quest. I rarely have someone to talk to about the game, so it would be interesting. If someone wants my Skype address, PM me. ;)

EDIT : I know I just revived an old thread, but back then I didn't have the time to respond, and then I forgot about it.

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