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  1. Furrito (How long has that been sitting out? Who knows! But we assure you that green and fuzzy meat is perfectly normal) Supernova Salsa or Supernova Nachos (Experience the flaming hot explosion of flavour from both ends!) Meteor Meal or Comet Combo (Comes with Nacho Taco, one side, and a medium beverage of choice. Comes with 50% off coupon for your next E.R visit and a toy for the kids) Big Bang Belcher (90% carbonation, 10% what the heck is this stuff?!) Chalupa Cleanse (Guaranteed to "clear out" your system) Uranus Burner and wife contributed the following: Time
  2. The following is just my response to the thought that "adventure gaming is dead". Skip this if you feel it's too irrelevant. Just wanted to chime in with a thought that's been bouncing around in my head for a while. It may not be 100% related, but I feel that it'll paint a picture of how I believe the "industry" is. Basically, back in the day we had adventure games, we had RTSes, we had arcade styled challenging games, we had what I'll refer to as (for lack of a better term) "hardcore games". These games typically had much higher difficulty ceilings, or required more work from the play
  3. I don't believe there really was any time. I get that we're not given any real timeline as to how long Roger and the Two Guys were in the ship together but I was under the impression that it wasn't long. My explanation is basically "It wasn't meant to make sense. It's just some fun fourth wall breaking humour", but if I had to somehow make it work I would probably explain it something like so... Roger exists in a fabricated universe put into reality by the Two Guys themselves. Much as how entire worlds could be written and created within books in Myst, the two Andromedans created the
  4. I wanted to comment on this. As someone who's worked on some games (often from scratch) I can say that the criticisms of the demo show a lack of understanding of how bare bones and brutal an early build can be. I'd say the demo is almost a prototype/pre-alpha stage. To judge it at all is foolish. This isn't your AAA "Beta" where the game is more of a demo/release candidate. So even if you feel as though the swipe controls don't work based on what you tried, or they add nothing, keep in mind that at that stage of the development it was probably closer to being a concept than a fully thought
  5. I must have totally lucked out and as such it has affected my perception of which game is the hardest. SQ1: I actually found the glass shard on the first try. The survival kit on the other hand took me a bit to find, not that it matters as I only found it after several playthroughs of the game. SQ2: Never encountered a dead end. Get across swamp? Just watch what the little alien does Deep part of water? There's gotta be a reason for that. Investigate! Can't hold gem? Next logical step? Mouth! Exact wording of "Say The Word"... ok that one annoyed me. Beat the maze on the first try. In
  6. *sigh* I guess I'll step out of lurker mode to finally give my answer. Since I post so infrequently I think I'll just rate all of the games. The one I like the least is Space Quest 6. I can't stand it, and to this day I haven't been able to beat it. I've tried forcing myself to play through it but it's just not a Space Quest game. I won't get into the numerous reasons why, but know that I refuse to accept it as part of the SQ series. Next least would be SQ1 VGA. It also didn't quite feel like Space Quest. After that I would probably say 5 for the sole reason that it also didn't re
  7. Yeah it did. After the SV kickstarter I just stopped working on it, so it still has that problem... but what else is worth tracking anyways? Like really... c'mon. :)
  8. "Nobody" works :) Well if it is the same program, I'm glad you got some use out of it :) If it's not the same program, I'll still take credit for it :P (Basically a little Java program that took in the name of the kickstarter and the URL and then gave you a little java window with a progress bar, and how much had been pledged since the last "reset" and junk. You'd press 'A' to make it stay above all windows and I think 'R' to reset the pledge odometer)
  9. I don't really want to point out what I did because I'll feel like I'm bragging. Heck, I don't even know what counts as "helping". I've probably done nothing - During the SpaceVenture kickstarter I made a kickstarter tracker program to save at least two people's F5 keys :P - I made a comic about selling my house. - Yeah... not a whole lot. I'm mostly just a super enthousiastic lurker who would love to be involved with more things in the fan community but due to excessive introversion am too scared of working with other people.
  10. Not sure if this meets the criteria, I can try another run at it if this is in the wrong format for the collaboration. Here's my submission: http://www.mediafire.com/download/nssij89c9iatjf6/TwoGuys2.avi
  11. Yeah, if we keep getting updates that are this detailed and at least throw us a little teaser to whet our appetites over, I think I will be more than satisfied until the game comes out. Now being patient for the game to come out is a whole different story :P
  12. Poor table, I broke it with that flip :) Speaking of which, I never saw that video. I watched Twitter, but never saw the link come up. You have a place I should check for all of your stuff? Ya know what? Don't bother answering that, I'll just google it. I started writing up a rough script and I'll likely try shooting the video tonight.
  13. Aw heck, I'll get over my introverted self and record something. Anything for the Two Guys.
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