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Which is your favorite sq and why


Which was your all time favourite SQ game?  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. Which was your all time favourite SQ game?

    • SQ0 Replicated
    • SQ1 EGA
    • SQ1 VGA
    • SQ2
    • SQ Lost Chapter
    • SQ3
    • SQ4
    • SQ4.5
    • SQ5
    • SQ6

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Hi All,


This is my second post so i hope I havent put this in the wrong spot. Just thought id promt a little discussion on what features we loved about the games. Personally the next mutation was my favourite. I still can help but think how beautifle the artwork was. So whis was your favourite and why?

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I cast my vote for Space Quest 5 as well! As my first Space Quest game, it's always going to be special to me. I have many memories of waking up early and scrubbing the Star Con Academy's crest because I enjoyed the music.


I suppose my next favorite is a bit of a tie between Space Quest 4 and 6. The Time Rippers was my second Space Quest, and the whole time travel plot is something that I really enjoy.


The Spinal Frontier is...different. I liked the new art style, the speech was definitely higher quality than Space Quest 4. The only thing about SQ6 that seemed odd to me was the story and humor. Maybe I was too young when I played it, but something about it just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the series. It's definitely darker and shows a side of Roger that wasn't present in the previous five games. Definitely one of my favorites though.


PS Wilconologist, if you voted in the poll, it didn't show up for me. It said that I had cast the only vote.

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I voted for SQ5 as well. It had a great supporting cast, and was probably the most fun to play. It was also very movie-like in it's presentation. Lots of dialogue, infiltrations, ambushes, rescues, awkward situations, etc.


SQ3 and 4 would come in after that for me. Those two seem to stand alone, placing the SQ series in a completely different self-referential reality where Roger can rescue his own creators and time is measured in sequels.


I've lowered SQ6 down my list a bit. It's still the funniest game by far, but the story seems to have too many holes in it and the characters are very under-used. I keep thinking Roger could've coerced Circuit Sydney into coming with him as a sidekick, and then kept salvaging Sydney for parts at every turn.


SQ1 and 2 - still classics, of course.

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Vroom thanx for the quick reply and pointing out about my vote.

Looks like i did a roger.


SQ2 was the first game i ever played and was "given" it buy a friend. But i was a kid then and couldnt buy anything that expensive for a long time so my games collection was limited.


SQ5 was the first game I purchased and I can remember saving all my pocket money so I could buy it when it hit the stores.


I was horrified when one day I came home from school and found out we had been broken into. My puter was gone along will all my sierra stuff.

****en theives even stole all my clothes including underwear... I mean really. I can understand the computer but stealing a teenage boys undies??? some messed up people out there.


Anyway I had not played them for years and just recently managed to buy a brand new unopened version of the Sq collection ( all games on 1 cd ) for $20 from the local game store.


Ahhh the memories.


Summing up SQ2 was special as she was my first but I still think SQ5 was better all round.

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@ Datadog:


You're right about SQ 3 and 4 being different from the others. It seems like the rest of the series exists in its own little universe, while these two actually acknowledge that it's nothing more than a silly sci-fi parody series. It's kind of interesting, now that I take a look at it.


All this talk has really got me itchin' to play through the series again. :D

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All this talk has really got me itchin' to play through the series again. :D

I've sort of been doing that. I've been listening to AmayirotAkago's play-throughs on YouTube while working on my own game (multi-tasking!) It's interesting to revisit the oldies after all these years.

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I go with Space Quest IV. I thought the story was great (and a lot longer, especially if compared with SQ3), the music is awesome and Gary Owens! I thought 5 lost a little since the speech pack never came for it and 6 was a bit hard to stick with in order to finish it.


I like them all but 4 is my clear favorite by quite a bit.

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I voted for SQ3. SQ3 was the first game I played with non pc speakers for sound and found the music very enjoyable. Also, the game came with an Andromedain Nose cut out! This game continues to make me laugh and I have played it more than any of the other SQ games. Plus, the mini-games in this one are my favorite.

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Your right about how cool the minigames were, the minigames in sq3 gave it something special. Infact I would probably go as far as to say that the minigames in 3 were the best in the series. At the very least astrochicken beats super stoogefigher anyday.

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Well it looks like the results are in unless we are inundate with more votes.


Drum role Please......



and the winner is SQ5


I still find it curious that how poorly the first three games did...


Thankyou to every1 who has voted. and to those who havent could you please.

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