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Brett Johnson SQ7 art


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Not sure if this was already posted- I searched and didn't see it.

You can see a lot of art from the failed Escape Factory SQ7 project, at http://www.brett3d.com/ld_adventure.html


Remember, this was a game that was intentionally nothing like the SQ we knwo and love. They were asked explicitly not to play the older Space Quest games.


Anyway, found it interesting.

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Ugh. There are no redeeming qualities whatsoever in the Box Office Bust and Magna Cum Laude games. I remember reading that the inspiration for those abominations was to "make the American Pie of video games." But not even American Pie was this vapid and devoid of any entertainment value.


Escape Factory's Space Quest looks like it might have been a fun game, if it hadn't borne the Space Quest name. I like the graphics and it looks like it would have been a fun little action game, like the Futurama game.

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