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I just played the free "Serena" game, which has some voice acting from Scott Murphy.   Murphy is a natural!   Mandel provides most of the voice acting, as most of you probably know. I don't know i

By the way, I started playing Vohaul Strikes Back for the MAC, have Macs at home, and am really enjoying it so far. An impressive job I must say. Downloaded SQIn and the SQII remake as well, haven't t

That's probably because the guy two posts above yours designed a lot of the animations in TSL but had nothing to do with Moebius ;)  I helped kickstart Moebius, largely to help the adventure gam

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I've actually started my own YouTube Let's Play series, entitled #SQHPlays. Yes, I'm now one of those annoying YouTubers who sit around playing games with a little facecam obscuring part of the game window, snorting and snarking at the game. Points for originality, I know.


I'm currently playing



In the past, I've played

, and
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I actually started doing YouTube myself, and mainly working on a long-term Minecraft Let's Play, I also played AGD King's Quest 1 and 2. Tried the new King's Quest game, but stopped, because I wasn't satisfied with my marrating on that series. Planning to soon do the Entire Space Quest series, going in this order : Space Quest I VGA, Infamous Adventures' Space Quest II VGA, Space Quest III, IV, V, VI, Space Quest Vohaul Strikes Back, then Incinerations.

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Planning to soon do the Entire Space Quest series, going in this order : Space Quest I VGA, Infamous Adventures' Space Quest II VGA, Space Quest III, IV, V, VI, Space Quest Vohaul Strikes Back, then Incinerations.

I'm holding off doing Let's Play's of Space Quest games until I've actually gotten somewhat good at this stuff. My first couple of LP's were, let's say, quite amateurish. They're not much better now, but at least I've fixed the weird mic audio and the frame rate problems that were bothering me during my latter Normality episodes and the first couple of Broken Age episodes.

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Five Nights At Freddy's... with chickens!


Good luck on Pewds (or any other poplar Let's Player) taking the bait!


There's just one thing I wanted out of SpaceVenture  Just make me laugh once or twice. Elicit the odd chuckle from time to time.That's all I ask. No such luck in the Cluck Yegger minigame.


Okay, first of all, how is this a parody instead of a straight up clone? Because it has chickens in it? The FNAF games kind of were parodies themselves, considering their outlandish settings.


Also, since this is a by-the-numbers FNAF copy, you'll spend most of your time waiting. This lends itself well to horror, since you're anxiously anticipating your own demise. For comedy, it doesn't work quite as well, since you'll be anxiously waiting for... something funny to happen?


The comedy leaves a lot to be desired. I sincerely hope that the finished game will have writing that rises above the level of non-jokes like "Colonel Zanderz". "These guys are basically game industry pioneers and they are talented satirists", says the Steamtard on the Greenlight forum. Wouldn't know it from playing this game.


There's a silver lining to all of this: It looks and sounds absolutely bloody amazing! Now slap some non-subpar writing and some enjoyable gameplay on top of that and we'll have something worth playing.



edit: Took the Unity asset folders apart to see if I could find something salvageable. Came across a file named Radio_Easter_Egg_Audio1_MC.ogg. Now that one's fucking brilliant! Exactly the kind of stuff I was hoping for from SpaceVenture. Don't hide the good stuff away in easter eggs, they should be in the game proper!

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