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SQ1: The Minecraft Encounter

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I've been working on a Minecraft world in creative mode recreating Space Quest I in its entirety off and on. The Arcada is about half complete now. The elevators do not work, of course. I'll have to figure out some intelligent way of using redstone with pistons but it ain't gonna be easy. I was thinking of making a series of videos going through the entire story of the game in episodes. That would be neat. Running from Sarien players in the Arcada, talking to the alien face (who's also a player) on Kerona. Running from the spider droid (spiders are in Minecraft already!).


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I have. But that requires the elevator to be exactly one block. I designed my elevators to be 6 blocks. But that's no problem to switch around. But yeah, that's the very elevator design I had in mind that I'll get around to implementing eventually.


Altering the skeleton skins to resemble sariens would be quite easy, actually. Now that I think of it, creating a Space Quest themed Minecraft texture pack would be a neat project as well.

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No, that's not mine. Chris emailed me about that a couple days ago after I posted my video on the 2 Guys Facebook. I told him I loved the idea and people would probably be interested. That's such a cool way to interact with the fans! And wandering around the worlds of Space Quest would just be awesome.

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