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Sponsored ads for the SpaceVenture kickstarter...


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Alright dudes!


The credit has been used up. Between yesterday and today, the google ads received 253 clicks leading to the spaceventure (guysfromandromeda.com, so they could see the whole website first, and then be lead to the kickstarter). The ad itself mentioned the kickstarter and encouraged surfers to pledge at least $15 :)


I've been a bit swamped the last few days, so I haven't gotten around to using the facebook and yahoo credit yet, but I'll be doing that very soon.


P.S. Had wound up changing the daily quota to $90 per day to get more action.

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Colin, I'm so glad to be reading this. I was hoping some others might be inspired to do the same.


And, thank you Chris and Troels, but trust me, I'm no saint. I've had those ad credits for two years, and hadn't used them. It was no skin off my back; though I'm very glad I had them to use for a cause such as this. I REALLY want to see the Two Guys successfully take off with their new company. :)

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Alright dudes,


Sucks having to tell you this, but while I've set up two more campaigns (Yahoo/Bing and Facebook) using my web account promotional coupons, I can't seem to get them to run without attaching a credit card.


Google Credit was pretty straightforward, in that it just let me use up the coupon; but I've been trying to get these other two to work, but they don't offer prepay options, and require a real credit account before they accept the coupon, and seeing as that I'm not able to keep a close enough eye on these things 24/7 and my credit card accounts (all of them), are nearly maxed out, I just don't see myself going that route.


The google campaign may turn out to be the only thing I could have done to further help promote the SpaceVenture, and looking at the pace it's been running, I'm worried that even with that little extra help from me (and all of us here), it still might not make the goal. What has this world come to in the last 20 years? :(

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