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Ken and Roberta make a surprise appearance in the Director's Commentary of the SQ3 playthrough

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Hi Friends


Ken "Your Music Pal" Allen here.


If you missed it, Ken and Roberta Williams made a surprise appearance in the chat room for the livecast of the Director's Commentary SQ3 playthrough.


When the video is posted, it will be here:http://www.twitch.tv/andromedaguys/

...and more details soon to be posted here: http://www.tqakick.com/



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Yeah, that was kind of Awesome. I like how they verified it was Ken. :)


And fantastic too, that I got to chat with Ken, Roberta, and Mark and Scott! All in one chat room! And during Space Quest 3 - my favorite of the Space Quest series.


As someone said in the chat - the planets aligned.

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Thanks Ken! dented1640 and I captured their text (and yours as well). We had to copy and paste (furiously) into notepad as things were going bye quite quickly. We swapped files and merged and... well... it was quite a mess. The good news is I was just able to make sense of it all and fired off a squeaky clean version to Chris. So hopefully they can find some use for that.

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