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Anyone just the tiniest bit restless?


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Having visited the backers only site the first time today, I have faith that the final concept art is going to be awesome.


And I agree with MusicallyInspired. I don't care for TSL either, thought I was enthustiastic about it when it was announced the first time. They did drop the ball with the game IMO. But they do have my respect for pulling it off, considering all the hassle they had to go through.

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Not to pile on, but TSL departs so much from the original spirit of KQ that it does not come across as anything like a KQ. The story and dialog is juvenile and overly melodramatic. However, not to completely bash the TSL team, it is incredible for anyone to finish such a large project in your spare time and many of the mistakes can be attributed inexperience. Many of the team were kids when they started and it shows. That said, I do wish them well in their new game.

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