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Thoughts on my New SQ Wallpaper

Kelly Lawrence

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Hey everyone! Long time no post! :P


Just thought you all might enjoy my new dual wallpaper, thanks to the awesome guys over at http://www.sierrawallpaper.com, and the helpful retweet from @decafjedi.


Posted Image


While I'm thinking of it, would any of you be interested in a gallery of some Space Quest 6 box shots? It's only 9 pictures, but I'd love to share, even though I'm sure all of you have seen the SQ6 box in and outside thousands of times already! :)


EDIT: On a side note, does anyone know how I can change it to show posts by my display name of Tiny (Which I've had since 2006) instead of my full name? Tiny is listed in my profile under my display name, but doesn't seem to show up anymore!

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