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Any chance of the Guys reclaiming SQ?

Mop Jockey

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For those who follow the Two Guys more closely and often than I do.....


What is their general feeling on the idea of seeking the rights to SQ after SpaceVenture, whether to license them or buy them outright if SpaceVenture is a success?


I mean, they were able to raise above 500k for a new project, I bet if they launched a KickStarter to build up funds to get the rights to SQ they could once again easily surpass 500k, and I can't imagine the rights to SQ being worth much higher than that anyway (not a knock on the series, just my take on the series estimated value given it was a 80s/90s adventure game series and wasn't Sierras biggest seller even at that time).....


For those who are in touch with Scott, Mark or Josh, do any of them have any interest in trying to get the rights after their current projects?

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It's not really a question of whether they want to or not. Yes, they do want to do another Space Quest game. The rights are tied up at Activision, however, and money isn't what's going to get the rights or a license released to them. It's seeing whether the SpaceVenture becomes a success or not that's going to be the deciding factor for Activision.

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I'm personally fine with SQ not having any more sequels and it just being the six already existing games...


I think SpaceVenture can just take over the niche that SQ used to fill... you don't need two separate franchises on the same niche,

especially if it's the exact same team behind both!


And the SpaceVenture game (and hopefully games) have the potential to outdo the SQ games because:


--they don't have to worry about the company making a SpaceVenture without them or with just one of them

or trying to change the game without their consent or anything like, they have full control


--they can just go off what they want and what fans want, not what the company wants


--technology now makes it easier to make really advanced adventure games like this,

while back then they were constantly fighting with the evolving technology of the time


For me the ONLY reason I would like to see more SQ games would be so that we could finally get

to the SQs seen in SQ4 and see the SQ4 Roger pop up in them, etc.

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I don't really see any reason for the guys to pursue Space Quest as a series any further. They can continue making sci-fi parodies under other titles and not be limited on the old franchice any more.

Though it would be nice to see official tie up on Roger/Beatrice part. But other than that I do feel everything else about the savant janitor has been said.

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One reason I'd like to see them do a new Space Quest is because of all the attention it would receive. And also to play it, of course.


But I feel like they've come up with an excellent solution... as others have said, SpaceVenture will be like its spiritual successor. And it has the word "Space" in the title and every article about the game will mention Space Quest (often no further down than the sub-headline), so it will get noticed. I bet many people will assume it's a new Space Quest.


It has a good combo of newness and nostalgia. Go SpaceVenture! I want to see this game be a wonderful success. Those Two Guys have magic together, and everyone loved Space Quest, and they can give us something fun and thrilling again. I really hope it catches on among new adventure game players. We need to spread the Space Quest fandom to ever more players. It would be cool if they could strike some deal and get the game included with a new tablet model or something. I just know that people will enjoy it once they play it, but they just gotta get it out there in front of new players' faces in addition to the existing adventure fans.

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