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    Finally played Vohaul Strikes Back... awesomeness!

    Yes. I believe the style and approach was inspired heavily by Curse of Monkey Island. But don't quote me on that. Perhaps someone on the team could chime in to confirm...
  2. MusicallyInspired

    Finally played Vohaul Strikes Back... awesomeness!

    Incinerations and Vohaul Strikes Back were made independently of each other and don't take into account eachother's stories. Consider them taking place in separate universes.
  3. MusicallyInspired

    Does anyone have a copy of the FAQ?

    It's linked right on the website in Misc>Other Downloads at the bottom section under "Other Stuff". https://spacequest.net/downloads/
  4. MusicallyInspired

    SQ1 VGA: Stop the Hate

    The original (not the remake) of this Apple version has copy protection?
  5. MusicallyInspired

    SpaceQuest.Net is BACK!!

    SpaceQuest.Net is back!! Yes, it's still the old design for now, but we've got our hands on the web 2.0 (3.0? what are we on now?) responsive redesign and will be steadily working away at it over time until it's ready for unveiling. But for now, here's the website you've known and loved! We're still adding and updating content. A few old links are dead, but we've gone through and purged most of it. Enjoy!
  6. MusicallyInspired

    SpaceQuest.Net is BACK!!

    It already does.
  7. It's definitely not just you either. There are plenty of us who still have hope daily.
  8. So I did some searching for the amazing font used on the first three Space Quest box covers and I found it! FIrst of all I must mention a fantastic variation that Goatmeal created which matches the in-game titles for SQ1 and SQ2 (but which are slightly different from the box, namely the A having a flat upper side instead of a rounded point). http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/624609/space_quest_logo_font He also did a font for the credits text: http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/678735/space_quest_credits After some searching he found a close approximation of the text style but as a thinner font: http://www.identifont.com/find?font=digital+sans&q=Go Turns out the font is part of a larger font family pack called Digital Sans by Elsner+Flake. Unfortunately, they're not free and the whole pack is $350. Nobody happens to own this font family pack do they? lol https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/ef/digital-sans-now/ They're not exactly the same, but "Digital Sans Now ML ExtraBold," "Digital Sans Now ML Black," "Digital Sans Now ML Cond ExtraBold," and "Digital Sans Now ML Cond Black" seem to be the closest variations in the pack! The differences between ML and ML Cond seem to be that ML Cond has a little more height. Besides the 'P' not being quite the same, the 'Q' has differences as well. But it's quite close! Here's an example:
  9. MusicallyInspired

    Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    Ah. That's strange.
  10. MusicallyInspired

    Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    Wrong font. That one's free. There's a download button right under it. The Digital Sans font family pack is not.
  11. MusicallyInspired

    GoFundMe - Save SpaceQuest.Net!

    Troels Pleimert (the Space Quest Historian) and I have started a campaign to raise funds to buy the SpaceQuest.Net domain from Frans, the original owner, complete with his new website design to preserve it in the hands of SQ fans! We've been talking to Frans and he shares our desire to see it in the hands of fans. We've already raised over half of the asking price Frans quoted us and we're just looking to secure the remaining amount from any of the nice SQ, Sierra, or just plain adventure game fans out there to get us to the finishing line! We also have a hosting partner all lined up as well (also a hardcore SQ fan). But all the information is in the link below. Anything helps! As the info says, there aren't really any pledge rewards for this campaign but, if you like, we're going to make a new section on the site to house a list in honour of the donors who helped fund this venture in preserving one of the longest running web icons of Space Quest fandom. If you've got any questions that we haven't answered in the FAQ on the campaign page, just post 'em. http://gofundme.com/spacequestnet EDIT: We've surpassed the goal in less than 2.5 hrs! Donations are now closed. Thanks to everyone who donated and if you didn't get a chance, thank you for the thought! Space Quest has the best fans!
  12. MusicallyInspired

    GoFundMe - Save SpaceQuest.Net!

    FYI, the purchase has been made and the domain has been transferred to us. I've begun reuploading the content from the archived SQ.Net website design. It's mostly all working but there's a slew of errors (much like there was when it was previously archived). We're ironing it out. Frans is also going to send us what he had put together for the new responsive design layout. We'll complete that and once it's ready we'll replace the old site, complete with all the same content (and more!). Some stuff on that old site is severely outdated. Such as the instructions for getting the games working for "modern" PCs. The instructions involve VDMSound and Mo'Slo, just to give you an idea. So all that will be revamped. It's also missing all the newer fangames that have come out since so we've got some new sections to add. Also, I was asked about this once, but is there any interest in reopening The Janitorial Times forums at SQ.Net? This forum used to be that forum and still has all the thread history of that forum (and the old old forum!) backed up here. Considering how....lacking activity is here at the moment (and forums across the web), it seems a pointless endeavour. But if there's interest I'll consider setting that up again.
  13. MusicallyInspired

    Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    For the Digital Sans pack? I'm not seeing what you're talking about. I'm logged in and I don't see any option for that...
  14. MusicallyInspired

    GoFundMe - Save SpaceQuest.Net!

    We're still in the transition/handover process, then we'll focus on getting everything up and running. We'll try to make it happen sooner than later. We'll have more information probably after this week.
  15. MusicallyInspired

    Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    You mean like screen-capturing it? That's less than ideal.
  16. MusicallyInspired

    Does anyone have high quality (clean) box scans?

    Almost 3 years later, it's a shame SQ1VGA, SQ5, and SQ6 never got completed..... Actually, I really adore this ROTJ-parody artwork that was made for the Vivendi 2006 collection release. It seems that the original artwork exists somewhere judging from this link: http://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=933150 Too bad we can't get that bad boy scanned. That would be wonderful. Even the Space Quest Collection Series wide box with the flap would be nice (it's a variation of SQ6 but obviously with more area visible).
  17. MusicallyInspired

    What's up with SpaceVenture?

    This really makes me feel fortunate that I nabbed the large 2-disc horizontal front-flipping Space Quest Collection Series box when I was young. (and King's Quest Collection Series). ....and subsequently, almost makes me feel extremely foolish that I cut the front flaps off from said boxes and threw them out, saving only the flaps before a large move across the country. STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID. This is an interesting topic for me, though, because I just recently put together a custom Bluray set of the Despecialized Editions of Star Wars. Printed slip covers and chapter booklets and disc labels and everything. Looks legit! I love the idea of making new custom pristine packages and whatnot for Space Quest. In fact, I'm half considering now making a Bluray package for Space Quest. I could put all the Sierra games, fan remakes, fangames, demos (like the 3D SQ3 demo someone made in Unity), and even SpaceVenture when it comes out. A nice complete package. Or maybe just throw all the Sierra games on one disc. But I really like the idea of having a Bluray case with that awesome black box SQ style art.
  18. MusicallyInspired

    Where is my pledge?

    Glad you managed to figure it out!
  19. MusicallyInspired

    GoFundMe - Save SpaceQuest.Net!

    Well, that was fast! In about 2.5hrs we managed to surpass the goal! If anyone managed to see this post and had the intention of pledging but didn't get the chance, we appreciate your intent immensely! But we've closed the donations now seeing as we have more than we need and don't want to take more than that. If you were one of the ones who donated, thank you so much!! Your efforts to preserve the site have helped tremendously! I'll update everyone on the process and progress of securing the purchase and relaunching the website as things happen!
  20. There may be some news soon actually. Stay tuned...
  21. MusicallyInspired

    Random Space Quest Observations

    Interesting observation. I've never heard of that character. I suppose it's possible. Either that or they were both inspired from the same pool of caricature.
  22. Wow. Given how Frans is very protective of his efforts of the original content (which was quite the long-term dedicated effort to be sure, so it's understandable why he is), at this point I'd think it would make more sense to make a brand new Space Quest website with content created/acquired from scratch instead of using his content. He's just too protective and sensitive about it. Which is fair. I mean, it sucks. But it's fair. But the question remains is it of any interest. Especially with not having the novelty of it being THAT SpaceQuest.net.
  23. Frans took the spacequest.net domain back from Guys From Andromeda so the two are no longer affiliated. Frans' site exists back at spacequest.net where he's been working on updating his original design to modern standards. Not all areas are available yet and there doesn't seem to be a link to an archive of the older design available.
  24. MusicallyInspired

    What's up with SpaceVenture?

    For some reason I can't find my Kerona Ale coupon or original manuals/reg cards. Stupid stupid stupid younger dumb me.
  25. MusicallyInspired

    Ideas for SV Box Design

    Had an idea after posting in the other thread of discussing what you think (or would like) the SV box cover would look like. They've said that it'll be similar in style to Space Quest IV's big box so I'm guessing something like those dimensions. I recently received my Broken Age big box for my Kickstarter reward and it was made to resemble the DOTT box and the LA boxes of old with the border, logo in the bottom center, etc. I wonder will the SV box resemble an old Seirra box? What would you want from it? Something resembling the SQ1 black box? Or maybe one of the "Roger Wilco in..." later SQ boxes? Or a brand new design?