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  1. Just don't know if we would be able to get him...
  2. I think as a fan I'd want someone a little more different to narrate instead of someone imitating Gary. Just no comparison.
  3. Yeah... I feel like we need to make some sort of tribute in his honor.
  4. Seems to me they should invest in better data deduplication. Was it the same content in each advertisement result or slightly tweaked each time so every result was different?
  5. Jupiter Platter 3 astronomical-sized enchiladas 3 comet tacos Black hole beans Uranus rice Big gulp sun tea
  6. Update just posted: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spaceventure/two-guys-spaceventure-by-the-creators-of-space-que/posts/1097304
  7. Sorry to have to censor the title but it can appear on the main page and I just don't think it's appropriate to see there.
  8. To be fair, that clause was added after SpaceVenture was successfully funded (I think this year, even). Most backers will hold the projects they back accountable regardless.
  9. Yeah, I wouldn't do that in a real update. Just mentioned it above because it's relevant to what we're working with now and not covered by an NDA on my end ;)
  10. Nah, the old stuff still works. We can switch over to the new system as needed or just leave the existing stuff in.
  11. Well, I understand the point where the problem was that Chris's updates were mainly "still working on the game, we've fixed some bugs!", which is not terribly exciting but certainly a necessary part of the game development process. I'm not going to comment much on anything that isn't otherwise public/widespread knowledge. (No specific order here, just mentioning things that seem relevant/timely) Unity 4.6 just came out, something which I'm excited about because it gives us a lot more freedom/control with the GUI, and makes it simpler to design rich interfaces. Scott's mother has Alzheime
  12. I meant scene-wise. So if you went into another scene there was a good chance it was right behind you. Which means they could show the orat moving from scene to scene if they wanted to without it looking weird.
  13. I don't think the NES could pull SQ1 VGA off...
  14. Still need to get the black SQ1 box signed:
  15. They should have shown the orat leaving his cave or something, to give the players the idea of where the orat might be and also explain his absence (if they saw him leaving). Perhaps they were limited by the technology at the time, though they did have the spider droid moving in what seemed to be a controlled manner from scene to scene...
  16. It makes sense story-wise, perhaps they wanted you to encounter the events in a certain order. Playing through, though, it can be a bit annoying.
  17. The most points is the spider droid + orat so I think it is probably "canon". On speedruns I usually use the water method because it is obviously faster.
  18. Cool, is the exe just the video or is there something more to it? (I don't see an attachment)
  19. The guys and I are doing a jam session working together in person this week so there will likely be enough new stuff for an update soon. Chris is recording a video for the behind the scenes stuff, but not sure if that will be released sooner than later.
  20. This isn't getting into the old "Xenonians reproduce the same way humans do" debate, is it?
  21. SQ1 is so short that basically this is just added replay value.
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