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  1. That's probably because the guy two posts above yours designed a lot of the animations in TSL but had nothing to do with Moebius ;) I helped kickstart Moebius, largely to help the adventure game revival along. I haven't played Moebius yet but didn't really get a good impression of POS's stuff when I played TSL, so I will probably give Moebius a pass as well.
  2. Split the feminism and PC discussion to another thread. Carry on.
  3. Or the robot from SQ4/SQ12 just shoots you.
  4. To be fair, there is a bit more going on in that scene than is shown in the video (this won't be PlumberSim 9000). As Gareth said, the scenes shown have been carefully edited to not show spoilers, so you aren't seeing the whole thing. This is supposed to be a "typical" example of puzzles that the player might encounter, not an example of plot exposition.
  5. @Decaffeinated Jedi just reminded me of the dystopian document thriller Papers, Please. I highly recommend it.
  6. That somehow reminded me of "The Stanley Parable", a lovely little game which I recommend.
  7. Pretty sure the issues are unnecessarily conflated. The author expects the Two Guys to be perfect and is shocked when they are real people. Then they criticize other journalists for not appreciating it when authors experiment with their games. Sounds like a double standard to me, but I don't think the author expected SpaceVenture to be an action game (or that they think it will be).
  8. Uhh...where does it say KQ8 anywhere except the German releases?
  9. You can toggle source code and type out the quote tags the old fashioned way. ;) Yep, absolutely.
  10. That's from 2012...no it's not real.
  11. The last update I have was from July 11:
  12. Joe Cassara has a great announcer/narrator voice if you can convince him to spare some time.
  13. Sledgy, I hate to do this since you're known in the community, but like Frede said this is pretty fishy. Sorry you can't start your own Kickstarter but the rules are there for a reason. I'm going to lock this thread.
  14. That's SQ5. Pretty sure Troels is talking about the theme from SQ4.
  15. He's too busy working on DuckTalez 7 apparently. It's gonna be Samuel L. Jackson.
  16. The game information pages on SQN for each game lists what is in the box: http://www.spacequest.net/archives/sq1/gameinfo.shtml This page shows all the versions of each: http://www.spacequest.net/archives/misc/boxscans/ Hope that helps.
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