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  1. Might try Googling it. It looks like some fans have their hands on it. http://www.akril15.com/sr/sq5alt/sq5alt.html
  2. Yeah, some of us have taken it to the next level already and started putting secret stuff in fangames that hasn't been found yet. ;)
  3. http://forum.sqvsb.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1037
  4. http://www.spacequest.net/index.php/topic/225-vohaul-strikes-back/page__st__60__p__8839?do=findComment&comment=8839
  5. You keep getting SQ5 mixed up with other games. The Space Piston magazine is from SQ2 and SQ4. What you are talking about is from the Galactic Inquirer (from SQ5) page I posted earlier.
  6. Did no one else read the Galactic Inquirer?
  7. The glass shard is actually how you get the rare third ending. But you have to use it a lot.
  8. Don't think I'll be doing a video this time around. Not enough time at the moment, and last time I tried (during the Kickstarter) my recording came out a little flat.
  9. You can either attach them (in "More Reply Options" for replies) or link directly to them on another server (if it allows hotlinking) by clicking the Image button. It's about mid-way on the second row of buttons above the post box.
  10. The VSB team is currently working on a voice pack but it is on the back burner for a lot of us and we need voice talent to make it happen.
  11. You can cut and paste clips and tinker with the settings a bit. It doesn't have video transitions that I recall though, so Movie Maker would probably be indicated.
  12. Handbrake is a good video transcoder. VirtualDub is a good basic video editor/dubber.
  13. Don't have much to add as I just caught up to the events myself, but all the motivational support is very helpful. Thanks guys!
  14. You need to do it through Terminal, which is something that would be very helpful to learn if you want to use Linux. Hopefully that puts you in the right direction :)
  15. Sorry for the trouble. If you shoot me an e-mail real quick I will get you set up with GOG or commentary, whichever you prefer.
  16. It has and we have already fixed it in the internal build :)
  17. :o Is this still being done in AGS? I'm just trying to fathom the sheer amounts of work that would require. With ~125 rooms that's somewhere on the order of 500 (likely slightly less due to cutscenes) sets of backgrounds, walk-behinds, regions and scaling, object placement and definition as well as all the other room management script (for inventory use, etc). I presume you're either compiling a custom version of AGS without the 299 "room" limit or doing something fancy with background frames. I think Chris nailed it - mind blown.
  18. In SQ3 it actually is kind of a bit of both it seems. If you tap the Up arrow key AstroChicken shoots up but does eventually come back down (after about a second). If you hold down the Up arrow he "treads air" and it's a bit easier to maneuver him to land.
  19. Nice! The up arrow doesn't seem to function quite the same way as I remember. Here it's more of a on/off toggle, where if you let up on the key in the actual game AstroChicken would come down. The current way you have it makes it harder to land from my experience.
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