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  1. "Metric ton" (or "metric tonne") is often used in the US to distinguish it from the imperial ton. In other countries they more often just say "tonne" - the "metric" is implied. (source - n.b. end of page 40338)
  2. I think this convention idea is already headed past epic to legendary.
  3. I guess Europeans are used to expensive gasoline, so I won't use California's high gas prices as a point there. I suppose if everyone chips in for gas it wouldn't be as bad of a drive if we all go up together. Not sure if I or others would want to go back and forth multiple times.
  4. Well, if you look at it, international flights will fly into LA and then connect to Fresno. My point is it's probably cheaper/faster to fly from LA to Fresno than drive. ;) (Though southern California does have rail service which I'm not too familiar with - will need to check into that)
  5. Copenhagen -> Fresno plane ticket research You probably want to fly all the way in to Fresno. Los Angeles to Oakhurst is about 250 miles. And while I don't live in California, I would be willing to rent a larger car to transport more people.
  6. Check out the discussion on Facebook. I'm planning to be there, and the Space Pope should be able to drag Scott and Mark along. The Coles will also be there. We might even get the Danish contingent of SQ fans to show up this time.
  7. I made that, and while I'm sure it could be done better (it's pretty basic), anyone is free to use it.
  8. THIS. IS. AWESOME. Great job. :y: :y: :y: Freaking hilarious.
  9. Like the Ironman 3 trailer, we know what time we'll know what time. Chris says he should know later today when he's handed the schedule.
  10. Ask him who his favorite SpaceVenture intern is. :P
  11. Ehh, Aziza was rather enchanting, at least. And then there was Dinarzad, who was very flirty. It's been awhile since I played QFG as well, and QFG2 is the one I best remember, so there are probably others.
  12. Well, since the Aluminum Mallard was going to be in the SQ7 fangame we figured it would make sense for Roger to continue with it. Once SQ7 didn't happen I guess we just didn't consider throwing an explanation in there - probably for the best as that would have just lengthened the intro...
  13. This weekend I switched around the layout of GuysFromAndromeda.com so blog posts are more prominent. The GFA site will continue to be about general goings-on with the company/podcast. I hope this helps with any confusion. At this time there aren't any plans to tie in SQN more directly with the GFA site(s) - eventually I'll have to work something out for the SQN badge reward but one thing at a time...
  14. The 27th is the next Hangout, unless you're in Denmark, in which case it's on the VNth.
  15. The way it was explained to me: Guysfromandromeda.com is for the company GFA LLC, not SpaceVenture itself - we're currently working on tweaks to re-orient that more appropriately. SVRewards.com is the rewards site for the backers who pledged $15 or up ($30 or up for pre-release access) to get access to the diaries/chats/voting. There have been some diaries up, not as many as I would personally like but they've got to spend time actually designing the game I suppose. I know chat is on the way, I set up the page this week and Chris just announced it. Voting is going to be further down the road.
  16. What.... *gets out the pitchforks and torches*
  17. I had planned to have us on one computer - I'm bringing a desktop condenser microphone which should let us all participate at the same time.
  18. Regarding the website(s), I definitely agree that the main page of guysfromandromeda.com needs a bit of tweaking. I've been giving some thought to how to re-arrange it without giving the PayPal pledge thing less priority. The organization of the site in general could also use a refit. Unfortunately, the stuff going on behind-the-scenes won't permit an easy blending of guysfromandromeda.com and svrewards.com at this point. Conceptually, they're organized rather differently so I'm not sure it would have ever worked. Others have mentioned that a forum style would have worked better for SV
  19. Let me just say this, if it weren't for Chris, you would probably not be hearing anything out of the Two Guys (relevant to SpaceVenture). It's not their fault either - they're just not promoters like Chris is. If you listened to many of the commentaries, the guys tend to ramble off-topic occasionally and Chris is the one who brings them back. The Two Guys have full control over the game. Chris provides input, sure, but Scott and Mark have final say on everything. Incidentally, if you want unfiltered access to Scott and Mark, they show up occasionally on Twitter - @SlashVohaul & @Wi
  20. I've got about a million e-mails to respond to (and they keep coming in). If the user account resets peter off before then I might show up just to heckle whoever else comes.
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