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  1. Right, it's just diaries/concept art at this point. Let me know if you can't see those.
  2. Checked with Chris on that one and this will most likely be possible.
  3. You still thinking about going out there in person?
  4. Sorry about that. I'll talk to Chris about sending out another e-mail to all the backers.
  5. It would also be nice to have a hangout or something from the convention, probably on the 27th of the month when I plan to be there.
  6. Or just change the title so it's an on-going hangout thread.
  7. So are we doing Space Quest Superfan Hangout Number Six Five this weekend?
  8. I'm definitely going to be there! I'll probably go up to the convention on Saturday.
  9. New versions were uploaded, see this thread.
  10. Everyone else's playing non-SQ games? Guess it's time to whip out SQ2.
  11. We encouraged Chris to apply way back when the site went up with the 3D Artist position in there, and I think he did, but other things happened and he got a job elsewhere. He's definitely who I thought of first, though.
  12. Maybe, but I don't have IE8/XP to test with.
  13. Just glancing at it that's the first issue I could imagine. Either upgrade to IE9 (or another browser) or try compatibility mode.
  14. My Sunday is booked. Let's do it Saturday. ;)
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