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  1. For those curious: http://web.archive.org/web/20050406092029/http://conradsheldon.web1000.com/main.html http://web.archive.org/web/20040806164922/http://conradsheldon.web1000.com/archive/subchan/page1.html
  2. I call EcoQuest. Now I just have to find a place to install it from...my computer doesn't have a floppy drive anymore.
  3. Eh, you could grab it and just redirect to the .net domain. Up to you.
  4. Okay. Couple of points. theouteredge.org is available to pickup and register at another domain registrar. So you can pick it up again. Also, I had to edit your post because it exposed your fan's e-mail address.
  5. Can we expand it to fangames? There's a theme in Incinerations that sounds just like it came from a movie.
  6. That message is shorter than 140 characters even with its "not on Twitter" preface.
  7. I wouldn't expect a discussion of timeframes in tomorrow's announcement. But it's exciting news nonetheless. ;)
  8. Indeed, can't talk much about it though. Rest assured progress is being made, anyway. :)
  9. I've asked him about my alien and apparently they've already come up with it so it seems we're at their mercy. ;)
  10. Mark posted a pretty high-res version of the SQ1 black box awhile back: https://twitter.com/...3732352/photo/1
  11. I believe when physical rewards go out there will likely be a survey to collect that information. You're fully set up for now.
  12. What do you mean, 'just'? It's not an automated system. When Chris wakes up he'll likely forward the payment confirmation to me and then I'll get you set up.
  13. The plan right now is to have multiple vans ferrying people from LAX to Oakhurst, so maybe someone can come by and pick you up. Depending on where you live in SoCal, I suppose.
  14. A day, day and a half maybe: http://www.kicktraq....s-of-space-que/
  15. Surely you don't mean the Dr. Vo flash made by Justas @mjomble? (Note: It's almost as long as the VSB intro)
  16. Ah, always wondered what Geordi would look like if he were white. :y:
  17. Nah, that makes sense. You could probably get away with 1-2 days padding though if you didn't want to sight-see. As for the convention itself, it would probably be 3-4 days (no idea for sure though)
  18. 14 days? I doubt the convention is going to be two weeks...maybe one week... Also there is talk of carpooling so that should help with that expense...
  19. So there's this: http://www.spacejanitors.com/ Found a few references to Space Quest so they obviously know what they're doing. The first season was pretty good and can be found on The Escapist. They're moving to the Geek and Sundry channel for the second season.
  20. SVRewards.com has the backer update diary entries. I would also listen to the podcasts, tidbits of information tend to get thrown out there. We're currently shooting for next summer for release, but no promises.
  21. Pretty sure he addressed that in an old podcast (and I know he's aware of it). I'll remind him though.
  22. Gah, that game's controls are terrible. There is actually an easier-to-navigate version of the pictures themselves available at http://spacequest.wikia.com/wiki/Roger_Wilco,_Photoshopped
  23. I remember that! Great fun. Will suggest it as an idea to Chris - I know he wants to start up contests.
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