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  1. What e-mail address did you pledge with?
  2. Ah, yes, because I'm the SpaceVenture Intern. Makes sense to have an "official" judge.
  3. I didn't get Kiz Urazgubi at first because I read it differently in my head. But I got it randomly later when I was looking at the Galactic Inquirer.
  4. I but if anyone else wants to step up I would greatly appreciate it (it's a lot of work) ;)
  5. Yeah, I wasn't really a fan of the whole StarCon/captain thing. I think if Roger had kept the Aluminum Mallard and possibly gotten a few crewmates that would have worked better. Click "Special BBCode" (third button on the top row) and select "Spoiler".
  6. No - it's tied to your e-mail address. Go to the very bottom of http://www.guysfromandromeda.com and you'll see an "International Backers, click here" button. Use that.
  7. Did you send in the $15 on PayPal afterwards or included in your Kickstarter pledge?
  8. Fixed the pictures. (Hey guys, we have attachments here!)
  9. But...Starfleet isn't a military organization. :o
  10. So how is this Hangout #4? Did I miss the third one due to temporal flux between here and Denmark?
  11. You should do it at a time where we can get Mark and Scott on from the convention. :y:
  12. I'm thinking about going as well - my father just moved up there and I've yet to be by to see their new house. Hopefully I can work it out.
  13. Just wanted to let you guys know you can now upgrade your tier if so inclined (and why not? You have more money now, right?).
  14. Check out the Starring page of http://geekmediaexpo.com/?n=starring Looks like the Two Guys are going, as well as Rob Paulsen and a few other cool people. :y:
  15. MT-32 thread split to http://www.spacequest.net/index.php/topic/520-fun-with-the-mt-32/
  16. Split the thread off from the original. Carry on.
  17. Yes, it's down at the moment. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  18. Right, sorry. Thought that was around in ME2, but it was just a difficulty setting.
  19. You can turn off all the RP stuff though and make it just another run-and-gun game.
  20. I also liked Genetix in SQ5. Great feel.
  21. Oh yeah, the first part of SQ3 is brilliant. Given that SQ1 can be completed in under 10 minutes that's a pretty good "segment" too, though probably not what you're looking for. Maybe the first part of SQ4 as well, up through Roger using the timepod for the first time.
  22. It followed the Space Quest Conundrum videos.
  23. You should have by now, yes. PM me your e-mail address (that you pledged with) and tier you pledged at so I can check on it for you.
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