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  1. It definitely sounds more like two separate recordings rather than an interview.
  2. Yep. Nothing I can disclose yet. But the Guys are definitely aware of the need to keep pacing tight to avoid boring people.
  3. How so? You just deny everyone, right? ;)
  4. Game Dev Tycoon is quite fun. Got pretty hooked then remembered I had a real game to work on.
  5. Gareth is right guys, SpaceVenture should be run more like FIFA. Now taking bribes for no swiping in the game.
  6. I could probably work up some code/engine stuff to throw up there if that sort of stuff interests anyone. Can't speak to the lack of other content really.
  7. Right, the swiping was part of a release from last year, and if you're complaining about it, you're behind the times anyway. If you have a new idea about the issue, by all means bring it out, but at this point you're just beating a dead horse and it's not helping anyone.
  8. Honestly, if you want to use a UI from the '90s you should stick with Space Quest. We're going to try new things in SpaceVenture, you should be aware of that.
  9. It won't be - with the swipes they were just trying to extend the old-school adventure game control structure (clicking around on scenes in different modes) with new functionality. Believe me, it's not going to be all dragging around crates. I think the way that Ace and Rooter work together (each with different aspects that make them better to solve a certain puzzle) certainly is something that wasn't seen in the Space Quest games and will definitely add a new twist without alienating the gamers looking for the traditional adventure.
  10. Well, also there are a lot more pans (and a few zooms) than happen in SQ. I think there are only a few of those in the SQ series and they are happening a lot more in this game (mainly because it's easier to move the camera around the scene rather than have to re-draw the room for a different perspective) That's certainly true. It reminds me a lot of the DeepShip 86 in terms of rooms. Something you may not have picked up on in the demo is that the Nostrodomus (the ship Ace boards) is being abandoned due to some threat that Ace must confront (as seen at the end of the demo
  11. Most of the delay on SpaceVenture is due to programming and writing falling behind. Art has been mostly coming along nicely, as has music. And the differences you are bringing up seem to be mainly a matter of style preference.
  12. You just kill (or distract) the guard to get that using a rock from the screen before...it's not really a dead end state.
  13. Running on AGS, so the Mac port of the engine might work....
  14. Actually, Gary can only record as fast as his fax machine prints out his script. So we're OK there.
  15. The point of the narrative editor is to be able to edit the text in one central database for all the places it needs to be called from (translations, in-game, etc) on-the-fly. This means that if the voice actors come up with a better line, ad lib a bit, or changes need to be made last minute, that Scott and Mark can do so without going through multiple locations, avoiding possibly missing particular changes. Indeed, one reason we needed to update the narrative editor is that the old version made it easier for duplicate copies of a line to exist. It's not to edit text (that is being recorde
  16. I...what. What is going on here guys.
  17. I'm guessing Tom Hardy is Vohaul, so who does that make Shatner?
  18. Alternate upload: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lc8BcBZ0tAI
  19. Renegades doesn't look like Trek, if anything it sounds like Nemesis. Acting is a little overboard and writing could use a ton of work. Makeup is good but that doesn't make it Star Trek. Insurrection is basically an extended episode of TNG so I usually let it slide. First Contact is definitely good.
  20. How do we keep getting on this subject? (Who knew that Space Quest fans were so polarized on the subject of feminism and political correctness?) Can we try to keep it on-topic here please? There is already a thread for the feminism and political correctness topic.
  21. If I were a SpaceVenture programmer, I would sprinkle random nonsense throughout the code to keep the fans of 20 years from now amused. Oh wait...
  22. Well, that and the fact that Roger was hanging out with Latex Babes by SQX suggests that their marriage didn't work out too well, for one reason or another. The arguments that VSB and Inc make seem as valid as any other in that context.
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