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  1. Speaking as one of the VSB leads, they're certainly two different games. I felt VSB stuck more closely to the Space Quest style, whereas Incinerations took Space Quest off into a new direction. So I would say VSB is probably the better sequel, but Incinerations is likely the better game for being able to stand on its own.
  2. It wouldn't have to be live sketches, or even originally designed art for the show. I do think that looking at something besides the cards for 30 minutes might make it more interesting for the viewers.
  3. Maybe it was the particular selection (creating lots of bathroom humor) or the fact I wasn't getting drunk at the same time but I felt like it was something that worked as a short joke (a game based on the Pope's bladder exploding) that was stretched to fill 30 minutes and it just got repetitive. I was also for some reason expecting art sketches or something, that would be a cool extra feature I guess.
  4. Speaking of, I went on the Internet and I found this: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/the-old-gentlemen-to-do-space-quest
  5. It's not out yet. Hopefully sooner than later though. Following this forum (as well as the Kickstarter) is probably the best way to stay up to date.
  6. Yeah: http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/SCI/Debug_Modes#Game_Specific:_Space_Quest_3 (Also section 4.3.6 of the SQFAQ references a similar debug mode in SQ2)
  7. Okay, added the appropriate fields to the mobile view. Let me know how that looks. (Looks fine on my phone but it is rather large so it's hard to know how it will show on smaller devices.)
  8. I think we should probably look at adding those fields to the mobile view somehow instead of adding them to the post. But otherwise good points.
  9. Here are some frequently asked questions, and their answers, regarding the SpaceVenture project. Answers provided are collected from published announcements on Kickstarter or elsewhere. A lot of the answers come from the January 1, 2015 update. Q: When is the game coming out? When it's done. The current ETA is sometime during this year. Update on ETA will be provided once available. Q: Is the SpaceVenture team broke? Nope, still not broke and they are doing just fine in that department. Money is set aside to pay voice actors, artists, etc., as well as reward fulfillment once the time co
  10. I think a FAQ in the forums is a great idea. I'll try to cobble something together this weekend.
  11. Also you probably want Scott and Mark focusing on the game rather than PR. (Especially Scott, he can get off on tangents...)
  12. Not out of money for sure, but our belts are tight. A lot of money is set aside for paying voice actors and fulfillment costs.
  13. Uh there is an "ultra rare" VGA version on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Space-Quest-The-Sarien-Encounter-PC-1987-Rare-256-Color-Version-DOS-Big-/141058331149?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20d7bb520d
  14. Ehh...but then you compared it to SpaceVenture, which is more like the canceled SQ7 fangame in style than an open world 3D... I don't see what benefit a petition would have - SQ7.org would still want to be called SQ7. They had other problems I am sure, because what's in a name? Changing the name from SQ7 would have been easy.
  15. Eh, maybe to us personally, but SQ doesn't have the community today that KQ has - look at the Phoenix Online forums, even back in their "Silver Age" versus here. Not much activity round these parts even back then. And it's not like there weren't similar things going on - the SQ7 group shut down about the same time TSL was going through its own cease-and-desist throes, which eventually reversed, supposedly thanks to their fans... And saying it's SQ ignores the following that games like QFG, GK, or even PQ has... My intent is not to dump on any specific community. Perhaps SQ just appeals to
  16. The SQ7 fan game was 3D, so those points actually counter each other... Regardless I don't know who you'd petition - Activision? My personal feeling is they shut down the game because it was so much in their face already - VSB never received any sort of shut down notice or anything like that, and other SQ fan games were similarly OK....
  17. Not me. Having played SQ1 EGA first I felt it was iconic. I didn't initially know anything about Scott's opinion or where the art came from, yet SQ1VGA was something akin to George Lucas trying to edit Star Wars, it just didn't work.
  18. ...I don't know how you can say SQ4 is unpolished. Sure there are a few bugs but it's probably (between it and SQ3) the best of SQ.
  19. In addition to what Troels mentioned, Scott doesn't like remakes in general. He feels they are unoriginal. (This wasn't a sentiment restricted to this DM on Twitter, but I feel it typifies what he keeps saying when asked about SQ1VGA).
  20. Honestly, not much of a surprise. AGS didn't seem to have the technology to do what you had in mind. I would almost suggest using Unity at that point. But I'm not very familiar with Wintermute, so hopefully it has what you need.
  21. I don't have the plans for what all goes on the disk, but I imagine the one disk will contain all three rather than having separate versions. Will there be DRM on them? Can't imagine us adding DRM besides Steam on that platform...
  22. He wasn't able to record anything for SpaceVenture.
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