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Space Quest XII: Vohaul's Revenge II


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Well, if you haven't forgotten to get the remote control (you can take it atthe most-right screen of Vohaul's fortress. I know that it's a dead-end and I'll fix it in the final version) you can use it on shuttle (it's nearly invisible. You can find it in the location with giant tree).


Oh, and about another dead-end: don't forget to take stuff from the large compartment in timepod before travelling to SQ2.

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Now I need a hint on how to scan the Super Computer complex. I got the keycard, and found the spaceboy...

Well, scanning itself is a really stupid puzzle (like most puzzles in demo version) and most surely will be removed. Anyway, you need to charge it first. So try looking for some kind of wire. It's hidden somewhere in SuperComputer.
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Poo. FileFactory wouldn't let me download the demo. Would really love to see more information on this game.

Yep, here you go


And some more information about SQ12:

1) The demo version doesn't actually represent gameplay or story of the actual game.

2) You can find some new tracks here ;)

3) I am not sure about the progress so far. Our team really needs a BG artist.

4) Anyway, the game will be finished some day (Y)

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By the way, Dr.Slash is a new owner of the Russian SQ site aka spacequest-time.ru


I took him rights to it and forum (due real-life reasons, as usually))




EDIT: This old demo of SQ12 is sort of shit. Really, Slash gonna do more cooler project. And with another graphic.

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is there anyway to download this without having to deal with a russian site


Alas, I doubt I have the old demos on my PC anymore, maybe someone else could help you with it :(


I've decided to make a belated update:




From the video's description:

I've decided to compile this video showing some progress on the game I've made during the spring-early fall of 2012. There haven't been any progress on the game since then, and I don't expect any in the future. I'm still willing to finish it, but i'll have to find a background artist first. So yeah, it's kinda cancelled at the moment.

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