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Upcoming Movies Thread

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We need a movie thread. I'll start off with the new debut trailer of Expendables 2. Others may have found the first movie stupid and shallow, but I loved it. It's gonna be great to see all these action heroes together in the next film.




Also, I'm really excited about the new Alien prequel film Prometheus by Ridley Scott, director of the first Alien. The story focuses on the crashed ship from the first movie and the race that occupied it, rather than the Xenomorph Aliens. Although, I'm sure we'll see and feel some familiar vibes. I'm excited to finally get some backstory on the strange and mysterious "Space Jockeys".



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So. Prometheus. Wow! What an incredible movie! Did you all like it as much as I did? I thought its only flaw was its character development. I'd liked there to have been some more scenes which delved into the individual characters a bit more, but apart from that I really thought this was an incredible movie. I especially love how it's opened up the Alien franchise so much. It's really broadened the scope of the series and I hope there's more movies to come! And that caesarian scene? Wow. Talk about tension!

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I hope this doesn't turn it into a sequel machine. I liked the first one so much because the plot was so simple. So pure. There were no plot twists or friends-turned-foes. It was just a guy getting his daughter back. Making a sequel for it is like saying it's not "Hollywood" enough and puts it into that category. Either that or it could be just a repeat which would be boring.


Then again, it could be awesome.


EDIT: Just watched the trailer. Looks good. Actually makes the plot interesting. I'm cautiously optimistic.

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I hope Creature Tech actually makes it to theaters: an adaptation of a story by Doug TenNapel (who was the genius behind Earthworm Jim along with classic nemeses Bob the Goldfish and Professor Monkey-for-a-head)


"Set in the American heartland, an evil wizard creates a space eel to destroy the world, but is opposed by an atheist with an alien strapped to his chest."



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I used to tape the cartoon series as a kid. Still have the battered old VHS's somewhere.


The cartoon, I thought, was hilarious. I mean, a whole episode about finding an egg beater? The fur-bearing trout and his industrial belt sander ("it's got three speeds!")? Evil the Cat summoning the world's worst demon through a sno globe? It was great!


Then I read the man's blog, years and years later. Ugh.


Oh well, this isn't a Doug TenNapel thread. Pardon my intrusion. Carry on.


(No, I'm not looking forward to any movie right now, so I have nothing to bring to this. ;) )

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Possibly Doug has calmed down in recent years, and worth giving another try?


It is sort of weird to be discussing the character of someone neither of us knows, but if your conclusion that he's gone insane and gun-crazy was based on his blog, then I'd like to point out that the blog that's up now doesn't show evidence of being a gun-toting irrational fundamentalist. Well no evidence unless one accepts certain stereotypes, e.g. that all Christians are completely irrational or all American conservatives are trigger-happy gun lovers, in which case yes there is clear proof ;)


A bit of counter-evidence on the trigger-happy gun-lover theory: he lives in California, and the self-described anarchist in my family will not even consider living here due to all the gun control laws. (She could be described as gun-toting, but luckily not a hot-head who would use it for other than self-defense; we do have plenty of hot-heads driving on California freeways who are definitely better off gun-free.)

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