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SpaceVenture Fan Promo


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Hello All!


Long time reader, first time posting. I'm usually writing as andromedan_denizen in the chats. I am thrilled that the Guys from Andromeda are back and ready to give us a new sci-fi adventure game. Hopefully we can make our 500k goal, although at this date it is looking a tad bleak. While we had a good day yesterday we'll need to average $16,660.75 / day to reach our goal. So I figure we need to do as much as possible (as I'm sure everyone is aware) to promote the project, and motivate the $15 tiers up.


To help the effort I compiled this promo video. Watch it here:


Let me know what you guys think of it, and if you like it, let's try and get it out there to help promote the project. I just felt the project could use more video, this is mostly footage from SQ, but I think it helps illustrate some of the memorable scenes from a beloved series. I modeled and rendered the Aluminum Mallard for the fly by shots, although I had to cut it short a bit because I was quite busy with work this week, and just to get it out the door before too much time has passed. I'm hoping to add more artwork from the campaign as it comes through, and maybe even more Mallard shots in there. Also was thinking it might be an interesting viral to do a craigslist ad for the Mallard, and render a still of it in front of a house or something, and make it up like a real for sale ad.


Any more suggestions are welcome, cheers!



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