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POSITION WITH GFA: 3D Character Modeler/Animator


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Hello SpaceVenture/SpaceQuest fans! Chris Pope here, Guys From Andromeda LLC is hiring for both a paid full time position and intern position (royalty based) for the below position.

  • Proven ability to model, rig and and animate low-poly character models in Blender, 3Ds* (or any modeling tool that exports to 3Ds) based on provided 3 view sketches. * must own 3Ds
  • Texture creation in Photoshop* is a big plus * must own Photoshop
  • Available 10 - 15(for intern position) 40+ hrs per week min for full time.
  • Love classic point and click adventure games.


  • Work with Scott and Mark
  • Gain experience that can be added as a reference and put on a resume
  • Credited in SpaceVenture
  • See a lot of game content that no one else sees (Keep in mind, that means spoilers)
  • Ability to use Guys From Andromeda LLC as a reference for future work
  • Automatic invite to the SpaceVenture wrap party in Oakhurst CA

Email your resume to chris AT guysfromandromeda DOT com (email written this way to protect against email harvesting bots) Put in the subject line "3D Character Modeler/Animator Intern Position".
Include in the body of the email:

  • Name
  • Where you live
  • What time zone you are on
  • How many hours you can work per week
  • How quickly can you start

Be sure resume is attached!
Thanks guys!
Chris Pope

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Wow! I mean, just WOW!! I'm going to feel so happy for the lucky soul who closes in on this position. This is like watching the opportunity of your life pass you by via a matter of philosophical seconds. (Am I being too dramatic? I'm sorry, I've been very passionate about the creative arts, and game design for quite a long time now!)


Unfortunately, I am a late start, and have just begun working my way toward the abilities required. I attained my first experience with blender last fall, via my Digital Production Arts minor; as for photoshop, while I own it, I have only begun to learn it this last spring. Just not the right time for me. Besides, I've got my own project, a wedding, and full time school. Allow me to express my deepest regrets and my greatest excitement for whoever this position goes to.


But, just seeing the Two Guys bounce back and just to be a backer of this cause, and a part of this action in any sense (and to anticipate the coming of this game), has in itself been like a lost dream come true. I never imagined I would see these things playing out; nor that I would get inside, behind the scenes access to cool dev diaries and all the other goodies. I have nothing but excitement and satisfaction regarding the things that have happened already, and that will happen, minus this one personal letdown/tempation of mine right here. I can, of course, live without it.


But, hey... where the heck is Chris Ushko???!!! This should go to HIM!


Go track down Chris Ushko. :) He's quite ready for this, I believe (have any of you seen his "Wasabi Guy" demonstraive video? Furthermore, he's more than proven his love for the Space Quest series.

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Lol, taking place in hell? That anything like the cancelled "Royal Quest"? :y:


It was ... er, still is, I guess ... a sequel to the "A Life Worth Losing" game I did. All the reviewers from Channel Awesome/That Guy with the Glasses/Cinemassacre would be stuck in their individual hells and trying to find their way out.

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