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"Classic" Fangames and Windows 8

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I fairly recently got a new computer running Windows 8, and decided the other night to replay a few of the older fangames like Deltaur Disaster and Mallard Missions, unfortunately they don't seem to get along with Windows 8 at all!


I tried running them as admin and changing compatibility settings but keep getting "This App can't run on your PC" message.


Anyone have any luck running them?

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As a long-time console gamer, I can teel you that trying to get older-generation games running on current hardware *without* emulation is usually an exercise in futility. In all liklihood, those old do-it-yourself game engine games (like K&P) rely on elements of the Windows OS of their day - elements that probably don't even exist in current-gen Windows anymore.


You may as well commence ta emulatin', cause getting Windows to cooperate with anything older than a few years is like trying to...well, get Windows to run anything else, really. :wacko:

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Dual boot wouldn't work, but you could always create a virtual machine with VirtualBox or the like, or run Windows 3.1 within DOSBox. Both solutions would be free if you own a copy of Windows 3.1.


Not that I've tried. I've used VirtualBox with Windows XP on a Mac, but I'd prefer to consider Windows 3.1 dead and buried!

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