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Angry Video Game Nerd plays an adventure game...


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Don't know how many here have heard of the Angry Video Game Nerd (James Rolfe), but he reviews

old games, mainly NES and other consoles (and has a movie coming out later this year)...


I enjoy a lot of his stuff and I actually prefer his "out of character" stuff where he's just himself and

plays games with his friend Mike... they play NES, Atari, and all kinds of old consoles:



Anyway, I had never seen them play a point-and-click game before, but I assumed they knew about them

and liked them because they like humorous things, and some of the funniest games are point-and-clicks...


So in the most recent video they played Maniac Mansion for the NES (I wasn't even aware that it came out

on the NES!) and they have their other friend, Bootsy, playing through it as it's his favorite NES game:



Though I was very surprised that James and Mike didn't really "get" adventure games... they seemed confused

the whole way through and can't seem to grasp why anyone would like this kind of game.


I was sort of under the impression that anyone who grew up playing games during that time period would know,

and be pretty into, adventure games, but I guess not!


I remember Maniac Mansion being particularly difficult even on a computer, so maybe that game put them off

playing them in general...

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Wait, people are still watching this guy? He's a moron. If playing a point&click on a console isn't proof enough of that, check out his Superman 64 video (which is him failing the very first level of the game, peppered with strings of incoherent cursing). Compare that to protonjon's Superman 64 videos and you'll realize that watching AVGN is nothing but a mind-crushing waste of time.

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I love AVGN. I love him so much I did an adventure game with him in it.

Sounds cool! Was it released anywhere? He did a games review where he reviewed some of the games that's he's in...


I would have expected with his sense of humor that he would have loved stuff like Space Quest and

Monkey Island, but I don't think he ever played them, as he was put off by Maniac Mansion and maybe

by the nature of adventure games...


I like adventure games because they're relaxing and you can do "real world" stuff like picking up regular objects,

going to interesting places, using things, talking to people, etc. (rather than just shooting everyone you see),

but I can see to some people they would seem odd because it's not really fast moving and you don't

really "control" the character that much apart from regular walking around.

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Indeed. AVGN is tons of fun. And he's really nothing like this character in real life. He's really down to earth, diplomatic, and even a bit shy, it seems like. At least, when he's not being the Nerd on camera he can be a little awkward. Great videos for a good laugh. So he doesn't like adventures. That's ok.


Troels! I must have this adventure!

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Hah! Well, I've already pimped this game a couple of times. But I suppose one more time wouldn't hurt.


It's called A Life Worth Losing and you can get it here: http://pleimert.dk/lwl


I actually plan on doing a playthrough with commentary on it one of these days. Maybe tonight.

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Awesome, will check it out!


I hope AVGN eventually reviews/plays another adventure game, though I don't know how many made

it onto consoles... Monkey Island for Sega CD would be cool, and would hopefully let him

see how awesome adventure games can be, though I hear the load times aren't great from the Sega CD.

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Yeah, the Halloween countdowns are spectacular. I'd like to think I'm quite the horror buff myself (my wife and I watch Cronenberg's The Fly every anniversary) but I've never been much into the classic horror films. So it's nice to be educated on the matter without actually having to sit through the films themselves. ;)


I also really liked his short-lived series You Know What's Bullshit. The ones on DVD packaging are especially poignant.

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I also really liked his short-lived series You Know What's Bullshit. The ones on DVD packaging are especially poignant.

I completely forgot about that one. That video alone makes me want to retract my earlier claims (to some extent at least, he still sucks at games).


Also, The Fly is pure unadulterated brilliance!

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