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  1. If you received the PayPal notification then you are good to go. If you need another receipt contact chris@guysfromandromeda.com
  2. Did you guys pre-order or pledge via PayPal when the backer rewards were still open? GOG credits are something that Chris has been assigning. I've forwarded your e-mail to him, you should hopefully get it in the next run of credits from GOG and will get an e-mail from us with the code at that time. Thanks.
  3. It's too late for that, but you can pre-order SpaceVenture at http://guysfromandromeda.com/store/
  4. Not sure what it would be. That's been pretty robustly tested. I'll take a look at it.
  5. Yeah, we will definitely be giving more feedback for swiping/dragging in the final game. Having worked on several adventure games now, I can say that in my experience that generally, each room is iterated through several times as assets (sprites, sfx, character animations, etc.) become available. So we'll start with a basic room background with its walkable area and begin adding interactions, puzzles, sfx and animations, and do a few bug-fix updates after everything is in.
  6. No swipe there, just a click of the keycard on the door.
  7. I'll make this simple and bring it up with Chris since it'll likely come back to me anyway. :) EDIT: He's fine with leaving it open.
  8. Nope, didn't have to do much besides switching the build output. We will have to look at the implementation though, as it doesn't have the resolution picker that the Windows and Mac system does.
  9. On many of the hotspots (we haven't added them to all yet) there should be a LucasArts-like prompt in the upper left of the screen that tells you what action will be performed.
  10. Yes. Send me an e-mail at pcj@andromedanpost.com with your Kickstarter e-mail address. Thank you.
  11. Sorry about that - it appears that Unity doesn't implement the screen resolution dialog for Linux yet. Can you try using the -screen-width and -screen-height command line parameters as described on http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Manual/CommandLineArguments.html? Thank you.
  12. I'll talk to Chris about it. If you're able to attend SDCC they will be showing it off there.
  13. Send them to me, pcj@andromedanpost.com Thanks!
  14. We have an implementation in place to solve that for the iPad. I will try to get that working for everyone (who still uses 4:3) in the final game.
  15. Yeah, I haven't reviewed that with the team but I don't think 800x600 will be supported.
  16. You'll need to get Rooter's help here.
  17. Yeah, we are definitely going to target giving better feedback for the drag event.
  18. A drag cursor is something that is intended for the final game. If you are finding bugs other people haven't been mentioning, please let us know. Thanks!
  19. Please e-mail me at pcj@andromedanpost.com with your kickstarter e-mail address. That man is something we unfortunately had to cut for time for the demo. You're supposed to encounter him on that background, which is why it looks a bit flat. You should still be able to access the demo download. It's not going away.
  20. I suppose we should note that the ALT+ESC key should exit you from the game.
  21. Have you already opened the door? If so use the Walk icon to click past.
  22. The SpaceVenture demo will be available from https://www.guysfromandromeda.com/svrewards/rewards/ for $15 and up backers.
  23. The way my weeks are shaping up lately, I can't commit to any weekend until the week of. Suspense!
  24. I'll be available this Saturday. I may be working on SpaceVenture in the background, but Troels can yell at me if I accidentally talk about it instead of VSB. Also, I may have to hang up real quick if the Two Guys call.
  25. Speaking of which, the graphics and gameplay are sweet too. :D
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