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  1. Updated: http://guysfromandromeda.com/fan-made-space-quest-box-poster-art/
  2. Updated: http://guysfromandromeda.com/fan-made-space-quest-box-poster-art/
  3. The high-res art is available now at http://guysfromandromeda.com/fan-made-space-quest-box-poster-art/
  4. It'll probably be late July before I have a Saturday to set aside for this. (Troels has the SpaceVenture schedule, he knows what's up).
  5. It would be nice to get through the VSB intro at least, though.
  6. That's basically what the thread is about... HCH is working on some which should be up on the GFA site as soon as he's done ;)
  7. In other news, anyone know any good poster printing sites?
  8. We can put it on the GFA site. Do you have higher resolution versions you could e-mail me?
  9. Busy on 8 June, sorry guys. You can do it without me I suppose.
  10. :blink: Are you going to use them as coasters or something?
  11. Well hopefully I can set aside some time from developing...another game...to get in on this. :)
  12. Sorry, I'm not at liberty to disclose that information. I understand the frustration though. Believe me, we're pushing to get it done.
  13. Pre-release builds. They generally have a lot of bugs and may not be even complete yet.
  14. Alpha and beta builds will still be made, they just got delayed.
  15. Don't forget the SpaceVenture main theme, the name of the ship Ace docks with, and various other tidbits.
  16. Eh, SQ0 and Replicated have been out for over a decade and no action has been taken against them. It's hard to say exactly why SQ7 got the C&D and all the others didn't (Josh Mandel on the writing team, taking the next sequel number, not flying under the radar, etc)...but I think that since VSB, Incinerations and the others are all faites accomplis that it will be harder for Activision to see the benefit of doing anything about it - any damage they may have done has already happened.
  17. You know GOG and Steam both let you re-download the game if you lose the copy on your hard drive, right?
  18. That's part of what Activision does, buy up beloved intellectual property then run it into the ground. CEO Bobby Kotick has even gone on record saying that.
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