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  1. If you have an MT-32 and the floppy version of SQ4, I suggest just playing it with MT-32 sound and no digital sound effects, as they are just digital versions of MT-32 recordings. If you have the CD Version use the MT-32 for music as it's far better than the General MIDI conversion they made. It also plays true MT-32 sound effects over the lo-fi digital equivalents if you play in General MIDI or Adlib/Sound Blaster mode for music...at least I think it does. It better.
  2. So this looks need. Adventures are now possible in the ZDoom source port. Possibilities... http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=49027
  3. Collector answered that question before you asked it: Although, ScummVM will use the digital sound effects either way whether you like it or not. There's no way to disable it (the option in engine settings doesn't work).
  4. No, he doesn't say it when he exits the pod. He says it just before the introduction sequence ends (just before he exits the pod) where he's lying down in the chamber and wakes up. Skipping the introduction sequence will skip the line. Did you add SNDBLAST.DRV to the resource.cfg file?
  5. It's not really drama....it's just the way things always were. All the KQ fans hung out on one forum, SQ on another (two others, actually. There was probably more drama there than anywhere but it's all sorted now). There were some overlaps here and there but people mostly kept to themselves. Now that everyone's sort of attempting to come together on these Facebook groups, it's kind of awkward.
  6. That's a fairly broad brush you're painting with there. I don't believe people throw fits because the new KQ is not P&C. They knew it wouldn't be. It's just the limitations of which the direction of the approach they do engage is inherently comprised of are annoying and needless. They could have done so much more with that same interface without being P&C. It's not always about VGA 320x200 nostalgia nonsense. That was actually something Ryan accused many of (myself included) and he was just as wrong. But anyway, that's for another thread. I'm still not joining this one. Let me know
  7. Yeah, no offence but I'm not getting involved with anything Ryan Nicotera starts. He's been banned from two Sierra Facebook groups already, as Collector said. Groups that people from TOG, Sierra, and ActiVision have been known to frequent. He's been all too vocal and chances are that representatives of those 3 companies know who he is. I doubt they'll take anything he's involved with seriously either. I feel sorry for the guy, but I'm not going anywhere near this. Especially seeing as it probably wouldn't do any good anyway. It's scary to think what he'd be capable of in a Facebook group where
  8. So the new Sierra tweeted that the new KQ game would fill over 9000 floppy disks. I pointed out to them that it has surpassed KQXLVIII (The Quest for More Disk Space) by at least 467 disks. (which means it's over 12 GB)
  9. That looks PRETTY. The full scrolling screen reminds me of the beginning of Loom, which I'm sure is no accident. Also a bit of Monkey Island in there. I love 8-bit artwork. The parallaxing is also neat! It's so great to see what modern tech can do with retro 8-bit art.
  10. All of the assets should be available in AGI Studio. Pictures, Views, everything. There should be a dropdown menu in the resource explorer pane that lets you select between PICTURE, VIEW, LOGIC, etc which creates a new list. Alternatively, use SCI Viewer (the latest version of which can open AGI games as well as SCI games). http://sci.sierrahelp.com/Tools/SCITools.html bottom of the page.
  11. Why leech off of an old joke when you can go in a new direction? Yes, technically it's still a fast food joke...but it's less infringing. And not only in the copyright way, but in a creative way.
  12. To all of our great relief, it looks like the fantasminominal soundtracks of Quest Studios are getting a new home and won't be lost forever to time! http://www.midimusicadventures.com/queststudios/ Including all the other resources it had like the MT-32 resource center and other applications. This is a great day. Now I'm actually going to download them all like I had originally planned but never did before QS went down.
  13. Why'd you have to go and post that, now I've gone and created a large pointless thread on the Sierra Gamers FB group.
  14. They keep claiming it's basically a controller-friendly KQ5 with context sensitive verb interactions, but we still haven't seen any gameplay yet. Even in their "gameplay" trailer.
  15. I've never had a problem with this ever.
  16. It's not difficult at all to use in DOSBox. Basically plug and play. Touch and go. Drag and drop. Literally. Just drag the DP.EXE file onto the DOSBox shortcut and it'll do the rest. Grafx2 is great, but I've already come across some limitations. It can't do much with gradients beyond rectangles and ellipses, which is very disappointing. There needs to be a flood-fill gradient tool option like Deluxe Paint had where you could pick the direction and style of the gradient, although there are ways around it with stencils and layers. But DP had a neat feature that would shape a gradient flodfi
  17. Yeah, I don't have money, though. :( The new shot looks great! Judging by the interview, Mark is not aware of a little 8-bit art editor called Grafx2, which is a spiritual successor to Deluxe Paint and even replicates the design and interface, but is compatible with modern platforms and image formats. Even has layer support.
  18. That was great! Lol I love when the title comes in and the III is unceremoniously thrown to the floor and doesn't make it to the center of the screen like the words. And then it just stays there lol. That's hilarious. Also, I edited your post and embedded the video instead of just linking to it. For anyone interested, you only have to add "[media]" tags to video links and they'll mostly work and embed right in your posts.
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