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New Incinerations Trailer


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Hey, all! I've been working on this game for a while now and I thought I'd share my progress in the form of a shiny new trailer! The game and story are inspired by a lot of modern sci-fi video games - like Halo, Mass Effect, Half-Life, and Starcraft (as well as Space Quest) so I thought I'd post it here for your thoughts.



The actual progress of the game is something like this:


Script/Programming: 95% (lots of debugging, polishing, and adding to do)

Cut-scenes: 95% (over 40 minutes of video so far!)

Sprites/Graphics: 95%

Music/Sound: 15%

Clean-Up: 2%


So there's still quite a lot left to be done - especially in the music department since I'm terrible at writing music. So I will be recruiting musicians soon enough to get the rest of this game off the ground.

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Sledgy just sent me an e-mail where he almost pissed himself and said I should apply to do music for this. I thought he was joking, because even though I watched the trailer with the sound off, it took fully three minutes for my mouth to close. And I couldn't believe someone could piece together a trailer that looks this good and not have a musician attached. That still can't be true, right?

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Man, when I saw this thread was updated, I almost got excited that they'd finally released the game. Wonderful "derp" moment there.


The biggest contributing factor to the release depends on when the beta-testers are finished. I'm not sure, but I think the releases of VSB and SQ2+ have been keeping us all preoccupied. Just too much Space Quest going on!


Personally, I would LOVE to release this next week. If all goes to plan, maybe it'll happen. Otherwise, the week after might be more realistic.

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It's going to be great to see the other project I've contributed to being released. Having had the honour to play it, trust me. You're gonna love it.


Make no mistake, this game is Chris' baby. But the music I did for the game means a lot to me. It was a monumental task, perhaps too large for me at the time I applied for the job. But I cut my teeth on some of those cues, crude as some of them may be. So on a personal note, I hope you dig the music as much as you'll dig the game. And heck, not just my music. The other guys who contributed wrote some rather cool stuff :)

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