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Vohaul Strikes Back!

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"Canon" is a dangerous word to use here. Because, yes, as much as we consider the Paragon ending to be canon, VSB itself could never be canon. Same goes for Incinerations. We're just happy to have given people a good adventure and a few laughs. But the next real step from Roger should still start at DS86 and be created from scratch by Scott and Mark :)


I found this on the boards and I think it articulates what most of us consider canon storylines. I refer to the chart a few posts down. He did a great job on it.



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We won the award for best NPC! :y:   And @Akril won an award for Best Animation for "Adventure: All in the Game"! (Play it if you haven't) :y:

Thanks, pcj, and congrats to you as well!  I was a bit disappointed that VSB didn't win more awards than it did and the latest installment of Barn Runner didn't win anything, but it was still a grea

Incinerations deserves to sweep next year's awards. If not, I'm buying a ski mask.

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I played VSB last year and I LOVE IT! I love everything from the start to the end. I love the fact that it follows the atmosphere of the rest of the series and the fact that the puzzles were challenging, but not too much, just enough to keep the interest in the game. Also, I never figured out what to do with the shard! At this point, I think there is nothing to do with it. Throughout the game, I also learned three things. One : you can be "hair-phobia". Two : robots don't like bad weather. Three : Never use a piece of glass as a laser reflector, kids. It only works in the movies. ;)

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That's weird. You're running the latest version, right? As far as I know, we've had similar bugs regarding the sewers, but this is the first I've heard of in ages.


How do I check the version number on this thing?


Here's how to replicate this bug: Once you help Rodney out, go into the sewers then climb back out. You will be standing just south of the sewer, and unable to move at all. The only way to unfreeze Roger will be to grab the electric fence and die, then he will literally transport over to the right side of the screen. Unless you grab the electric fence and die, you are completely immobile.

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If I remember correctly, there should be a txt-file in the game folder with a version number and a release history, but I wasn't involved in that much programming, so I'm not completely sure. If you want to make sure, the latest version can be downloaded from: https://s3.amazonaws.../SQVSB/vsb.zip. Off the top of my head, we had tons of trouble with this area during beta testing, so the bugs should've been cleared out ages ago. However, if you downloaded the game directly from our website relatively recently (the latest version is from January 2012), there's definitely a problem.


I'll make a note to check it out. pcj is normally the guy to page about bugs, but if he's too busy with SpaceVenture, we will at least try to make sure this gets fixed for the talkie version.

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I found the text file. It is version, so this is the most recent version. I'm calling this a bug. Apparently this affects Roger if he climbs back out of the sewers. The only way to get him to move is to have him touch the electric fence and die, then he comes back on the right side of the screen. Unless this is done, he stays just south of the sewer entrance.

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