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Andromeda Invasion


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The idea behind the Sphinx was that the two guys got confused by the total lack of a nose and just plopped it on the ground and moved on... I am also aware of the scale issue of the nose VS the face.. but it totally read better out of scale, and more subtle.


I wasnt sure if the Al Gore joke would land outside of the States.. Although.. I would bet plenty of you guys know more about US politics then many Americans... But those of you who do not know Al is a politician who is sort of stiff and wooden.. totally brilliant, I voted for him.. but he could do with a little more personality.... He did voice himself on Futurama.. so he has that going for him.


There you go.. Ive explained the two best jokes on there now making them unfunny.


I thought about having an interview on there with the Williams duo with Roberta refusing to talk about the 2guys and now I am glad I didnt concidering they showed up in that chat that I missed today .. :(

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HOLYSHIT!!! .. They put this on the front page of their Kickstarter page right underneath their pitch video.. words cannot describe how honored this self taught artist from small town WI feels at this moment.. SO COOL!! Now it needs to happen .. just so I can say .. in the smallest way possible I helped out and was involved.


Congrats good sir.

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And because I have too much time on my hands...


I posted the following photos on Twitter and Facebook with: "An Andromedian Rebellion is splattered across the galaxy! They're demanding that #SpaceVenture gets funded! You can help www.tgakick.com"




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