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Space Quest beta versions


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Hi guys. Recently, I started searching the Space Quest folders, without finding too much special stuff. I wonder if some of you still have the beta versions of some Space Quest games, so I could search that for new hidden secrets. If so, could you send a virus-free copy to download please? Just a question, not an obligation.

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There's also a rumored rare early release of Space Quest III. I'm not sure of how vast the differences are, but one confirmed/rumored difference is the Mallard's computer screen spells the "Light Speed" button as "Lite Speed"...

I've played this version. An old IT teacher of mine who used to hold computer clubs for the kids in the 80's and early 90's always let us play games after all the boring stuff was done and SQ3 was one of them. I remember always being puzzled, with everyone else, because of the lite speed button.


I think I still might have my.... uh... back up copy of it somewhere. It is on floppies though, so I just as well might have thrown it away ages ago. Besides I don't even have a floppydrive anymore.

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