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Your backed Kickstarters that have delivered


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I have backed a total of 6 successfully funded Kickstarters and today marks the first project of my list that I've received my game from. Chuck's Challenge 3D was finally released a few days ago and my Desura key just got activated.


List your successful and released Kickstarters here.

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Okay, now that I've finally got time to take stock of my finished projects, here's my list (in no particular order). Note: These are the ones that I got everything that I'm entitled to.


Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded

Shadowrun Returns

Lilly Looking Through

Final Fantasy VI: Balance & Ruin

The Morrow Project 4th Edition (minus an add-on)

The Hidden Crystal

Reincarnation Demon Snow Cap

Off the Leash Volume 1

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

FlashCity Stories


Told ya it was a lot. B)

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I know! I loved that game. Chuck's Challenge lives up to its predecessor nicely. Graphics are very appealing and it's even got a level editor. It's trying to get greenlit on Steam, if anyone wants to give it a vote.


I've also backed a first person shooter that teaches you how to program games (specifically in Unity, i think) called Code Hero. It looks quite interesting and seems to be a genius concept. However, it's been taking a while. Still gets updates every now and then. Hopefully it gets released and hopefully it doesn't turn out to be very superficial.

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Out of the games I've backed only one has been released thus far: Larry Reloaded.

Two other projects that have delivered for me are both book related

Lest Our Passages Be Forgotten and Other Stories a short story colletion by author Bradley Beaulieu

Singularity & Co.which is a valiant attempt at digitizing old sci-fi books and getting them in e-book sales. Once a month they provide an old and forgotten sci-fi novel to the members. I haven't even gotten around read them all yet.

And I guess Wasteland 2, not the actual W2 game though, but a pimped up version of the original Wasteland 1 was just released to backers. And that's mighty sweet of them, especially because they've made a mood soundtrack to it and implemented the original paragrpah book to the game itself.


Broken Sword 5 just recently released its firts half (and it's good).

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No games yet for me. Well, one little project called "Duck Quest?" but I don't think that quite counts. Lot's of stuff though, some of which are amazing.


Edit: There are a few that I forgot, came in the meantime, or are coming within a week or two.


Full Bore (1st release)

Broken Sword: The Serpents Curse (part 1)

Detective Grimoire (January 2)

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So far, Larry Reloaded is the only Kickstarter I funded that's actually completed its project. Overall, I'm satisfied with it - LSL was always one of my favorite game series of all time, and seeing it back in action has been a real treat. :D


There are a few more that I funded, but so far they're all still In Progress: Tex Murphy, Hero-U, and of course, Spaceventure. There's also a couple of video game based ones that, while I didn't fund them (ran out of cash ot throw around, heh heh), they did *get* funded and I'm eagerly awaiting the results.


But, yeah. So far, it's mostly been one big waiting game. Fortunately, I'm a patient man. ;) I'd rather the various teams take their time and work on it Until It's Done than try to meet some deadline or other and screw up these potentially important spiritual series revivals.

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Didn't back it at the time, mostly because the logo looked like a cheap knock-off of the "DOOM II" boss, but I recently got a copy of "Shadowrun Returns" on GOG. And yes, it delivers (by Kickstarter-standards, anyway)!


Abysmal reviews aside, I'll try to fetch me a copy of "Lilly looking through" at some point during the winter sale.

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Well, Act I of Tim Schafer's Broken Age has just been released for backers to play. Played a bit myself earlier this afternoon, going to play some more now. Exciting! There's a review embargo set until the 28th, so I guess we can't really share anything about it, but it is exciting!

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I was going to edit my post above, but since I've had a chance to play some of them I'm adding a review. Here is the complete list of games I've gotten so far in order:

Duck Quest?
Not sure how much this one applies. It's free: http://wafflefriday.com/files/duckquest.html but is does have lots of quirks and is really short, but somewhat nostalgic at the same time. It's 8-bit after all.


Full Bore (1st release)
This is a fun open world sudo-platform game where you run around (no jumping) digging through dirt, exploring the underground, and collecting jewels. The mechanics work really well and the graphics, though influenced by older games, work really well. The second release is supposed to open up more areas that complete the lore surrounding the random things you find while rummaging around.
Broken Sword: The Serpents Curse (part 1)
What can I say? It's a quite faithful continuation of the old Broken Sword series, so the enjoyment is about the same. Except that this version really needs to be played fullscreen on a tv. It really makes it feel more like a movie than a game. The music is great too and the soundtrack for the first half has been released in flac; it's as good as ever. You might want to wait for part 2 to be released if you don't want to end on a cliffhanger. It's coming this first quarter apparently.
Detective Grimoire
This is a real gem, and so far my favourite out of those I've received (also the oldest pledged I've actually recieved, SpaceVenture is the oldest I've backed, followed by Tex). I actually finished it already. It's a detective game that actually works. For a die-hard adventure fan it may be too easy (even after turning off sparkly hints), but on the other hand it's really fun, and quite inexpensive if you want to buy it from whatever app store you use. Here's a good review: http://tabtimes.com/review/ipad-game/2014/01/13/detective-grimoire-review-so-good-youll-hope-more-murders-soon
There's also been a demo for Scope Creep and, of course, SpaceVenture (wasn't that fun?). Tex Murphy: The Tesla Effect has been teased quite a bit too and it's looking really good. Everything else has been stuff that I've gotten, but that's for another thread.
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I keep on forgetting what games I backed, and what games I was too financially drained to back.  I do know only two projects I backed never reached their goal.


Just check your backer profile ;-) Access it from the button at the top right corner. You can even check off the ones you've gotten now, so it's easier to keep track of things.

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My backed projects that have been released:


Broken Sword: Beautiful backgrounds, well-designed interface makes it a pleasure to play on iPad. However, there isn't much in the environment to interact with, the subpar writing is often ridiculous or dull/cliched (with many punctuation mistakes in the American English text) but sometimes funny. Act 1 (all that has been released) is a bit slow, and I wish they would have released the complete game at once. Still, these are minor complaints and I believe the team got most things right.


Overall impression: Rather positive. I enjoyed it and thought the team delivered on their promise. I would back again.



Larry Reloaded: Interface makes it an absolute chore to play on iPad. I wanted to stop playing after two minutes. Needed labeled hotspots on screen. Also hated the annoying narrator actor. Wish he would have used a more neutral voice. The game also feels unfinished, with too many actions narrated but not animated. The animation looks cheap. On the plus side? The backgrounds look great, though lacking in a distinctive style, and the writing is great, though more enjoyable when the voices (especially narrator) are turned off.


Overall impression: fairly negative. I loved the original Larry games, and I had very high expectations for this one, but I didn't enjoy playing this on the iPad, which is what I use. I have played and enjoyed several adventure games on my tablet, and this game had the worst interface for it so far.


Anyway, I wish I had backed Broken Age, but I missed that at the time. Will have to wait for the iOS version. Also eagerly anticipating Mage's Initiation, another one that I backed.

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