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Sierra may be coming back (New KQ Game)

Max Wilco

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I know you're joking Fronzel, but I have no anger towards RPGCodex for that emoticon. It's the most entertaining game site on the web.

Eh, never mind! I didn't try to imply you had resentments towards the 'dex, more that if you agree with the Codexian hivemind, you've got to have a lot of anger in you. ;)


And yeah, I agree. it's basically the only site I still frequent for gaming news. It's populated by people who have nothing but contempt for contemporary gaming, but somehow they still keep up with the news.


I'm also kind of surprised that they're really very sympathetic to the King's Quest games of yore. Even this forum here seems to have more KQ haters.

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What I've understood of the Codex is, that it's mostly populated by people who firmly believe that everything was better yesterday. I do enjoy following the conversations there, they can go so off the rails, that there's a lot of entertainment value there alone.

And they do know their stuff when it comes to RPG's.  They might not agree about anything anyone says, but they do know their stuff.

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Just dropped by to spread the good news that the oh-so-indie NuKing's Quest is $40 on Steam and that in order to celebrate NuKQ's arrival, Activision pulled the original King's Quest Collection.

At least the original King's Quest games are still available on GOG.com.  Plus, they have Mask of Eternity over there too, and they never had that on Steam.

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With the trailers so far, I kind of feel like your average dummy/kid/whoever will be like, "kings, quests, monsters, dragons... that means you'll be able to kill everything while running and jumping, yeah!!!"


So if it IS an adventure game I think it's leading people down the wrong path with the trailers and they really need to get across how adventure games are amazing because you're NOT reduced to a trigger-clicking moron and you DON'T go around killing stuff 99% of the time.


Adventure games have cleverer, more rewarding gameplay, where you can't just shoot or slash at things, you have to use your brain and get things and interact with people and figure things out and explore.


I think the ideal trailer would show someone experiencing that glorious moment where it all suddenly clicks in your mind and you go, "Of course!!! I could give the rope to the gnome to get the flowers and then glue them to the chicken so I can fold him into a ball and use him as the key to open the door!!!"

And they need to show how this moment often happens when you're not even playing the game, you're in the shower or wherever.
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Why'd you have to go and post that, now I've gone and created a large pointless thread on the Sierra Gamers FB group.


And I can't even read it because fb is blocked in my current location. :(


Oh well, there's still Steam...





The thing that gets me a little bit extra mad is that the guy they supposedly ripped off is the mastermind behind those delightful TNG and Alf edits.

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This is one of those extraordinary (lit.) claims that makes me want to see something from a reputable source.


Fully willing to believe it. But that's a pretty big accusation that you want to be on firm ground before making.


So they used money from a game I don't care about to make a game that I may, potentially, care about?


Seems fair enough.

No. Sorry, can't agree here. You can't just take other people's money without asking. Or, rather, you cannot take money people gave in good faith for another project, never do any real work to realise the project, and then funnel it into something else. It's dishonest and morally questionable at best. At worst, it's fraud.


Today, "you" get a positive result. Tomorrow, exactly the opposite.


Troels was complaining about big game developers warping and destroying Kickstarter. But this type of shit from shady and/or incompetent indies is far, far worse, in my opinion. At least a successful Zach Braff flick or Shenmue game gives the platform credibility. This just hurts everyone, especially if the average punter is no longer willing to use the service or purchase stuff that comes from it.

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