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If somebody has it, please post here.



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- Space Quest 4.5: Wrath of Ken (demo)


- Dr. Vo (swf) (by Justas)

- Vohaul4 (swf) (by Justas)


- 3D art of Aluminium Mallard, etc (from here) (by The Goliath Series creators)

- 3D ships (big versions) (from SQ The Special Edition creators)

- Back to The Sequels (BTTF)

- Fanart (from here) (by Kevin Hord)

- Larry (?)

- MopThing (by Kareth2)

- NATIONAL (gif) (by Danny M)

- RogerEatInit

- RW Window Washer

- SQ Reloaded (by Khaveen)

- SQ Revolutions (by Khaveen)

- SQ7 org Starcon mug fotos (prize to Spoof-off winner)

- The Ruins Poem

- Wallpaper SQ1 Memories

- WilcoFut



- Adventures of Sid the Orat

- Alternate Universe (by Dan Cerulo)

- Assimilation 1-3 (by Dan Cerulo)

- CyroFreeze (by Buster Nova)

- Roger's Janitorial Academy Days (by Buster Nova)

- Roger's Nightmare (by Kevin Wallace)

- Roger Takes out the Trash (by Tovi Almozlino)

- Roger Wilco take on the Galaxy (by Anthony LoSapio)

- Shore Leave (by Troels Pleimert)

- Space Quest Death FAQ (by Will Kouf)

- Space Quest meets Quake (by Kevin Wallace)

- The Dark Half of Space Quest (by Matan Kalman)

- The Vohaul Factor (by Buster Nova)



- (font) The StarCon Fontpak (TTF, from here) (by The Goliath Series creators)

- (html) Article about Kiz Urasgubi (from here)

- (html) Interview with SQ7.org leader (from here)

- (map) for Duke3d SCS Arcada (SQ1 EGA) (by Daniel Lagerkvist)

- (screensaver) Wilco Bond Screensaver (40 sec)

- (soft) Roger (some soft from here)

- (soft) Scumsoftshorthornretail (OS parody) (by Khaveen)

- (soft) SQ Zilch: So you Want To Be Dead - the Windows '95 version

- (...) pics, music, etc (by 7'Wynn)






by Akril

- Eureka Trash Pickup (by Chris Geroux)

by PavelDAS

- Not Another Space Quest (mini AGS quest) (lil crappy non-SQ game :/)

- Rog Pong (by Nick Kochakian)

by RogerWilcoFan2015

- 3D remakes of SQ Ships, Inv items, Chars (from SQ The Special Edition creators)

- SQ1-5 in the SQ6 style (shots)

- Space Quest 13 (avi) (by Dr. Styx)

- Space Quest ZZT 1: Escape from Someplace (demo) (by Domen Novak)

- Where in Space Quest is Hymie Lipschitz?!? (html-joke)

- WilcoRejects (from here) (need for KQ and Phansmagoria ones) (by Alvin Chiu)


P.S. Also post here another lost fan things

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I had a look at my hard drive, and I actually found a copy of the Eureka Trash Pickup ZIP file that's been on my computer for about ten years! I tried extracting the files in it, and it worked. Hopefully this means the EXE will work as well.


Eureka Trash Pickup

Hey, Akril! Thank you so much for recovering this game! It was a fun trip back to the good old days. I think I'm gonna start archiving the games Chris and I did together on my own site, so I'll never go without bad MIDI-music again.

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Hey, Akril! Thank you so much for recovering this game! It was a fun trip back to the good old days. I think I'm gonna start archiving the games Chris and I did together on my own site, so I'll never go without bad MIDI-music again.

You're very welcome, Troels! Long time no see, and it's nice to hear that some of those ancient games will see the light of day again.


Sometimes it really pays off to be an insufferable packrat. :D

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Wow! A Lot of nostalgia here! I'll have to dig through my CDs and DVDs and see if I have any of these saved. I do believe I still have the Space Quest 13 trailer. And I was actually the one who made the "Wilco to the Future" picture, it was just a quickie done in paint, not near the quality of some of the better entries, unfortunately it got lost in the archives of time.


I remember after the first contest, someone made a program that was like a first-person museum, where you could walk through and see all the contest entries, I was hoping a revised version adding the entries from the second contest would be done, but as far as I know it never was :D


I believe I have a bunch of the pictures from SQ1-5 being remade with the SQ6 look as well...I'll do some looking...


Love your fangames by the way sledgy!

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RogerWilcoFan2015 found a lot of missing SQ stuff (Y)


In the upper list it's just some items, but really he found much more files (~1,4 Gb). About 60-70% of it is new things.



Very thanks to him!!!



P.S. I didn't see all files yet. Seems, there're another ones of the upper list.

P.S.S. Links will be here after publishing in the SQ-Time site.






Added fanfics to TEXTS.

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Hey all,


Im trying to track down some 3d models of any of the sq ships. Obviously the mallard would be preferable but anything will do.

Im not after pics or videos rather *.obj files and other similar stuff that can be used in 3d modeling programs like DAZ and poser.


So far I havent really had much luck. There were two videos on youtube that were interesting but as i said not what i was looking for


**These were posted in russian**


I also found some 3d rendered pics on the sq omni page http://spacequest.wikia.com/wiki/Space_Quest_7_%28SQ7.org%29 but to get a good look at it

i still need the *.obj files


Some of the old subspace channel pages were a little help but the post here was back in 2003, So tracking stuff down might be a little hard.




If anyone knows how to contact

pcj or Kainenable from the subspace channel

colin from sq7.org


or better yet has the .obj files im looking for PLEASE post them

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Here is the Aluminum Mallard 3D object file I designed for VSB, this has no influence from the canceled fangame SQ7 (and therefore I am not releasing anything from that game). The LWO probably will work better since I designed it in LightWave and the OBJ doesn't seem to import correctly.


http://www.sqvsb.com/upload/Video_Cutsc ... ule/am.lwo

http://www.sqvsb.com/upload/Video_Cutsc ... ule/am.obj


Let me know if you have any questions.



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