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How much money would you invest in Kickstarting the Two Guys?


How much would you put into Kickstart?  

45 members have voted

  1. 1. How much money would you invest in the Two Guys Kickstart project?

    • Less than $10
    • Between $10 and $50
    • Between $50 and $100
    • Between $100 and $500
    • Between $500 and $1000
    • More than $1000

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I think I'm aiming for $100 after looking at the reward list. Even if I may have to deal with customs, I want the physical reward tier package. I'll probably have to wait a bit before pledging that amount, but considering how low the American dollar is these days, $100 isn't going to wreck my personal economy (or lack thereof, rather).

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It better hit 500K if like Colin said, LSL1 remake remake edition can do it. I pledged LSL, don't get me wrong, but this is a new IP..


That is the thing though... it was definitely a Leisure Suit Larry game whereas this is not a Space Quest game (although it is spacequestesque) . Again, I fully support the Two Guys and I hope everyone else does too. BUT, I think $500,000 might be steep. Again, hope I am wrong and wish I could give them more :P

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To follow up on my last post, I ended up pledging $130 to get the physical package along with the digital goodies; the $115 option just felt like the right one for me. If I can afford it, I may raise my pledge to $165 to get the T-shirt, but this will certainly do. As a matter of interest, are any of you guys among the $1000+ backers?


I'm also more than a little thrilled that the names of us backers will be included in the game credits :)

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$165 from me, $150 pledge + $15 for shipping. Simply because over here in Norway you get some extra money with the may/june paycheck so I can afford it. Wish I could have for the larry campaign though and Jane Jensen, ah well.

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Backed this thing for 150$ + 15$ shipping. Even more than LSL, which I backed for 115,69$, simply because the rewards are more attractive, even though LSL was my first adventure game and still one of my favourites. It's a bit unfortunate financially that all these great adventure games are all asking for money at the same time, but a very fortunate thing for the adventure scene. As consequence I will have to pass on Jane Jensen's campaign, because I can't afford another 115$ (I can't pledge without getting a big box) and I will have to save some money for good ol' Tex.

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Yeah, I agree about 500K being steep. Jane just snuck in with 300K. Maybe 350 or 400 would have been more realistic.. anyway.


Haven't backed yet, too broke, but when I have a paycheck here in the enxt week I'll be in for 100, I believe.


Also agree about LSL being a LSL game vs SV not actually being a SQ game. True enough! But, we have to support new IP as well.

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I wish I could increase mine, but considering I'm currently paying off some old debt and will be getting contacts soon, it's probably not gonna happen. Better safe than sorry. The final run on PayPal may change things, though.

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