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Superfan Hangout Thread

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Oh, for heaven's sake, I leave you people alone for two minutes and--   -- awww ...

Seconded. These hangouts seem to keep getting better and better.    (Incidentally, this is something I wish I'd brought up during that last topic.)

So, ideas for the next Hangout?   I thought it might be fun to do a "Space Quest Debate" format. We put forward questions ("What's the funniest Space Quest?", "What's the most frustrating puzzle?",

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Sorry for being absent of late. But serendipity may be on our side: This coming week, I have Thursday and Friday off, as well as the weekend. It would be almost criminal of us not to capitalize on this unique opportunity.


So -- anyone up for a Hangout this coming Thursday, Friday or Saturday?

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That's probably gonna be a bit too late for me, given that our desktop is in our bedroom and my girlfriend likes to be able to get some sleep off-camera ;) And while I'd just head into the living room instead, my the webcam in my laptop doesn't really work anymore due to driver issues...

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Well, I'm still up for the Hangout in an hour or so. After careful consideration (i.e. having a nap, waking up and then thinking it), I think we should just have a casual Hangout. Any theme is the theme you want. I'll probably fire up a Space Quest game after showing you my lame game collection I just fished out of the basement yesterday.


Sound cool to you? We could title this one "Shoot the Shit." No, on second thought ... ;)

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