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Superfan Hangout Thread

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There's been some talk in the Twittersphere lately about rekindling the long-lost art of the Superfan Hangout on Google+. So I'm gonna throw this one out in the open and see if we can't collectively cook up something special.


For instance, what should we do? At the first Hangout, we played Space Quest. At our second Hangout, we played the fan games. (Well, we tried, anyway.)


I had the suggestion of using G+'s "shared sketchpad" function, where we could post pictures and draw a nice little tribute to The Two Guys. (Fred's worried that it'll devolve into a penis-drawing competition. I hope we can show a bit more class than that. ;) )


We could also do a roundtable thing where we show off some of our Space Quest skills. Like, if we got Kevin Wallace in the room, we could turn the spotlight on him for 10 minutes so he could show off his mad Astro Chicken skills. Or we could all watch in awe as PCJ speedruns SQ3 in 6 minutes without dying. Or we could take turns to see who could beat the Skate-O-Rama in the fastest time. Maybe a Skimmer challenge. Just off the top of my head here.


And then there is the question of guest stars. Who could we conceivably get to hang out with us, and who would you most like to hang out with?


Having Scott Murphy in the first Hangout was a real treat, and one I know we would all like to see repeated. ;) We tried to get Mark Crowe to drop by the second Hangout, and he was up for it, but couldn't make it due to, you know, making the SpaceVenture.


I would personally love to see The Space Pope drop by and shoot the breeze with us fans, since he's just as obsessed a fan as we are. Having big fan personalities like Vonster D Monster in there, or a reappearance from Chris Ushko, would be really ace as well.


As for us fans, I would dearly love to see Kevin Wallace (Astro Chicken FAQ writer), or Chris Geroux (creator of Eureka Trash Pickup, Pinkunz on Patrol and Orat Soccer), or Christian Giegerich (German superfan extraordinaire). And I know Irishmile is jumping at the chance. ;)


There is also the small matter of when, exactly, we could have this glorious "reunion."


By and large, everything's up in the air. Let me know what you think.

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Maybe we should just call this the 4th Hangout. The 3rd could be like Leisure Suit Larry 4. We were all there, but none of us can remember what happened. ;)



Technically there was no Space Quest 4 either. The adventure that Roger was meant to go through was foiled by Vohaul and the Sequel Police when they brought him to Space Quest 12. :D So we never did get to see the infamously hard (or hardly infamous?) puzzle with the dog, the hanging basket, and the melon...
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All true. A Skate-o-Rama-off sounds like it could be fun. Actually, we could just have a little Space Quest Olympics. Events include "trying not to swear while playing Astro Chicken," "time-trial Skate-o-Rama" and "Team Battle-Cruiser." The latter involves one guy playing Battle Cruiser (SQ5) while the rest of the Hangout make unhelpful suggestions. ;)


Well, the next thing we should figure out is when this joyous occasion should unfold. What time next week would be good for you? Remember, there's a time zone difference to take into account, so we have to plan this carefully.

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Chrono2012 and I were brainstorming ideas for a Space Quest Olympics on #sq just now. Here's a few other ideas for events:


Spider Droid Survival Trial

Once the Spider Droid crashes on Kerona, we start a timer. Then you just have to stay on the ground level and avoid that sucker for as long as you can. Remember to keep drinking water. (We might have to use the debug mode to give us unlimited dehydrated water.)


Sudden Death Skimmer

We can have a multi-tiered survival trial on the Skimmer sequence (EGA version, since that one has four clearly defined speed settings). Contestants purposely hit rocks until the skimmer is just about to fall apart; then it's a trial to see who can reach Ulence Flats without dying. Once you complete it at one speed level, you advance to a higher speed.


Super Computer Droid Party

See who can survive the longest in the Super Computer being chased by the security droids. I have a feeling this event would be over very, very quickly. ;)


Arnoid Dodge

Get the Arnoid Annihilator to chase you in SQ3, then see how long you can survive with his ass on your tail. The scorpazoids could make this very, very interesting.


So how to prepare for events? Well, since save games won't work with different versions of the games, maybe we should just chime in on what events we would like to compete in. Then it would be up to the contestants to have save games ready before the Hangout for their chosen events.


I'd love to play the Skimmer trial. And Astro Chicken. I would probably suck too bad at the Super Computer droids to be of any use there. And I think I've had my fill of Skate-o-Rama for this lifetime. ;)


Any ideas for events, or what events you want to compete in? Let 'er rip.

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Dat Engineer joined the brainstorm and we had a few more ideas for events.


Stooge Fighter Slug-Out

Who can hold out the longest without the cheat code?


Burger Flipping Burnout

Time trial on the burger arcade sequence in SQ4. No cheating, people! Speed needs to be at least halfway up, and no using the keyboard!


Crest Cleaning

Yeah, we could time trial the crest cleaning. Or we could make it REALLY interesting and crest clean with SQ5 set to EGA mode! You can barely see the crest! ;)

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The Skate-O-Rama Drinking Game


You must play the Skate-O-Rama sequence on a PC with at least 500 MHz. No patches or CPU slowing tools allowed.

Everytime you die, you have to drink a shot.




I can just see the Kotaku headlines now. "Space Quest fans: Why you shouldn't support these drunken, belligerent, foul-mouthed space losers. Video proof!"

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But then, I haven't been involved in these contests yet either...


No one has ... Yet. ;) And yes, the fear is that pcj would just mop the floor with us.


That's why I suggested we 'sign up' for different events. I mean, he can't possibly be good at ALL of them, can he?


Also, Jess -- Google has opened up for simultaneous YouTube-streaming in my country. So now you don't have to host. Unless you reqlly want to. :)

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