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Superfan Hangout Thread

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Well, it's official. The 6th Hangout will be on Saturday at 10pm (my time), and these times for everyone else: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Space+Quest+Superfan+Hangout+%236+-+Music&iso=20121013T22&p1=69&ah=4 :)


Things we'll need for the Hangout: MP3's of our favorite Space Quest-themes. (You COULD also screen share a YouTube-video, if pressed. But let's try and be nice to the folks watching the stream.) When we start the Hangout, I think we should stick to music from the official games as much as possible, but we can derail into other areas as we wind down.


I figure we should each prepare at least 3 -- but no more than 5 -- of our favorite pieces from the original series. Also, while someone's playing a tune, it's good manners to let the tune finish and not interrupt more than the someone playing it. ;) Then, after we've talked about those, we can get into interesting fan covers or soundtracks for fan games.


Hope to see you. Raise of hands, how many are thinking of coming? And how many are bringing an instrument of sorts? ;)

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Oh, for heaven's sake, I leave you people alone for two minutes and--   -- awww ...

Seconded. These hangouts seem to keep getting better and better.    (Incidentally, this is something I wish I'd brought up during that last topic.)

So, ideas for the next Hangout?   I thought it might be fun to do a "Space Quest Debate" format. We put forward questions ("What's the funniest Space Quest?", "What's the most frustrating puzzle?",

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A friend of mine just scheduled their birthday party at 6PM EST on the same day as the Hangout, and invited me to it. Decisions!!!


Sorry for the double post; on a phone, but ... Sam, it's obvious! Hang out with us for a couple hours, then go to the party! :)

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Maybe we should just hold up the Hangout for this time. I'd love to do one, but I'm feeling a bit under the weather as well, and it doesn't look like anyone's gonna come. ;) Let's make the 27th Hangout... er, I mean, the Hangout on the 27th something extra special -- and pick up on the Music Hangout later on.

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It just wasn't meant to be. It's still a good idea, though. Let's concentrate on getting next Saturday to turn out cool, though.


Any idea how many would like to show up? Remember, there's a 10 people limit on Hangouts; barring myself, Scott, Mark, The Pope and PCJ, that leaves just five slots. Unless Scott/Mark/Pope turn up as one guy. Can't imagine how that would work.

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Backtracking to the last hangout, something I forgot to mention was that somebody (Troels, I think) mentioned Shadow of the Comet as having a particularly annoying and distasteful maze section. As soon as you mentioned that I got the idea to play its quasi-sequel Prisoner of Ice instead of Myst/Riven. Alas, I did not have it installed. I loved that game, though. Had some great scary moments, music, and story (did I mention it had time travel?).


Anyway...just felt like saying that 10:40 at night.

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