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Superfan Hangout Thread

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Oh, for heaven's sake, I leave you people alone for two minutes and--   -- awww ...

Seconded. These hangouts seem to keep getting better and better.    (Incidentally, this is something I wish I'd brought up during that last topic.)

So, ideas for the next Hangout?   I thought it might be fun to do a "Space Quest Debate" format. We put forward questions ("What's the funniest Space Quest?", "What's the most frustrating puzzle?",

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Right. We're on for Sunday the 16th! This Sunday, that is.


I propose we do it at the same time as the last hangout, meaning:


2.00pm Eastern

11.00am Pacific

8pm Denmarkian


If you want to know what time that is for you, check out this neat trick I stole from Jess.


How many are loving that so far?

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Also, can I get an amen from everyone interested?


Spikey, did you say last weekend was your birthday weekend, or this weekend?


PCJ, are you up for it?


Ferde, how's your participation looking?


Wolfgang, you ready to leap into the obscene fray?


Dat Engineer is apparently off the map, but any chance of a pop-in?


Jess seems to be cool -- as usual. :)

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Birthday was Sept 8th, so last weekend. :) I was busy with the family sort of stuff (mainly taking phone calls from 9000 miles away!).


It starts Tulsa time 1:00pm, so hopefully I can make it. Just gotta figure out how to make a 'Hangout' work.


(BTW, I have this issue on this forum where when i write a post, my text doesn't show up, so I have to highlight to read what I wrote.. any suggestions? I'm using IE8.)

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It starts Tulsa time 1:00pm, so hopefully I can make it. Just gotta figure out how to make a 'Hangout' work.


It works like Skype, except better. ;)


Seriously. I see you've already added me on G+ -- that means you should see an invitation to hang out when it starts. If for some reason you don't see an invitation, you should see a status update that so-and-so are "hanging out" with a big green "Join" button next to it.


Right, I'm off experimenting to see if the 2GFA page will actually let me host a Hangout the way I want it to. ;)

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Well, a short experiment later, and it seems to work. I can start a Hangout from the 2GFA page, and even send it to YouTube as well. Oh, glory days!


Spikey, my good man, add this to your circles and I'll make you part of the VIP crowd. (The Hangout will be live for anyone on 2GFA's circles.)

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