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Superfan Hangout Thread

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Oh, for heaven's sake, I leave you people alone for two minutes and--   -- awww ...

Seconded. These hangouts seem to keep getting better and better.    (Incidentally, this is something I wish I'd brought up during that last topic.)

So, ideas for the next Hangout?   I thought it might be fun to do a "Space Quest Debate" format. We put forward questions ("What's the funniest Space Quest?", "What's the most frustrating puzzle?",

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Well, so far, I count four other participants, but no special guest. So what do you guys think? Is it today or later?


If the former, I will be able to host it at the usual time, which means roughly four hours later than the last one. I'm on my phone, so no world clock doohickey...

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I agree, and I'm forced to postpone as well. My connection sucks, I'm not an admin on the G+ page (TROOOOOEEEELSSSS!!!) and my girlfriend needs to use the computer for her work.


So let's wait till the beginning of next month, shall we? And let's see if we can lure Roses, LordKaT or someone else in there.

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Wouldn't say I've lost interest. I just think we need a special guest or another twist that'll keep it fresh. I suggested on Twitter that Jeysie could join for a Space Quest Deaths Hangout where we try to kill off Roger in every possible way in our respective games. Dunno if you like that idea. I'm aware we still need to redo the last Hangout, but that one needs a special guest to help it stay interesting, I think.


I'm also AWOL from these till my WiFi works properly, obviously. But that shouldn't take too long to deal with. When that's woeked out, I'm in :)

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Any news on potential special guests? LordKaT is an obvious contender. Scott also tends to be game, and Ken (Allen, not Williams) expressed his interest in doing another one. Anyone got any connections? I reckon the subject is still going to be non-"Space Quest" Sierra adventures. My WiFi works fine now, so I'm game.


And if you're in doubt, the answer is no: Hoyle does not count as an adventure.

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I'm game as well. Got Torin running. Put a bunch of oldies in my Sierra folder. Might play a little bit of Hoyle just to annoy somebody.


If special guests show up, it's cool. If not, I still have fun when it's just the bunch of us. I'm surprised we haven't done a community LP yet. It'd be fun to watch one person play the game and have everybody else do voices and play backseat driver.

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