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Mass Collaborative Tribute Video *COMPLETE!!*

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If PCJ requests anything other than "SpaceVenture intern," I will cry in my sleep.


Don't think I'll be doing a video this time around. Not enough time at the moment, and last time I tried (during the Kickstarter) my recording came out a little flat.

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I don't really want to point out what I did because I'll feel like I'm bragging. Heck, I don't even know what counts as "helping". I've probably done nothing


- During the SpaceVenture kickstarter I made a kickstarter tracker program to save at least two people's F5 keys :P

- I made a comic about selling my house.

- Yeah... not a whole lot.


I'm mostly just a super enthousiastic lurker who would love to be involved with more things in the fan community but due to excessive introversion am too scared of working with other people.

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"Nobody" works :)


Well if it is the same program, I'm glad you got some use out of it :)

If it's not the same program, I'll still take credit for it :P


(Basically a little Java program that took in the name of the kickstarter and the URL and then gave you a little java window with a progress bar, and how much had been pledged since the last "reset" and junk. You'd press 'A' to make it stay above all windows and I think 'R' to reset the pledge odometer)

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Just sent mine in. Man, I'm glad I don't do vlogs. Took me a dozen tries to stumble through one sendable video where I don't garble my words. Actually, I envy anyone who can talk into a camera for an hour (or even a minute) and still be coherent.


I feel your pain. I had to break mine into bits and stitch them together. Had to do the same for my segment in the first SQH podcast. I got rid of all the outtakes for both, but by god, there were a lot of farting noises, angry faces, a meowing cat (yes, really) and expletives (both in Danish and English) in there.

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