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Good topic, man. :)


Hoo boy, there are a lot ...


Off the top of my head, the one that springs to mind is, for some reason, "The change machine looks more like a time machine than a time machine looks like a time machine (for a change!)"


But, oh, there are so, so many good ones ...

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This topic needs bumping. And I'm just the stubborn, never-leave-well-enough-alone guy to make that happen! B)


If I had to pick one line from the aether that perfectly encapsulates the smart-assed nature of The Narrator in a single paragraph, it's this one, one of my favorites from SQ4:


"Hmm, that's odd...this pipe tastes strangely like blood. ...oh, wait, that *is* blood. You've shredded your tongue. Your mother should have warned you about licking strange areas..."

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That... that line... it makes me laugh every time that I listen to the Space Quest IV's RESOURCE.AUD :) . I forgot to post it here. It's so representating of Roger's intelligence. If Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy would have created a character with a little less IQ, the protagonist of Space Quest would be a plant.

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Akril did some pretty funny videos on YouTube with her favorite narrator lines from Space Quest 6. For one reason or another, I can't post the link here. Here is one line that I find really funny for some reason (even better when you hear Gary Owens saying it) :


"These hermetically-sealed components house the Ascend-O-Pad's Direction Correction connections, the Quark Torque fork, and the Ascension-Descension Suspension Tension extensions."


I had to bring this thread back. I have so many other posting ideas.




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